Pulling away the thoughts towards a dreary reality Sobbing like a child; their whimper does not move a stone Learning to be sick from being away from the dwelling Unwillingly exiled to an insensitive world Thoughts never had the appetite for this cruelty Now, they will be shamed for their honesty and allegiance Numerous games are played to actively displace them Language frets over the … Continue reading Homesickness


Cluster of troubles dance in ecstasy between the euphoric cross-sections of strobe lights Such a delightful environment is created from the amplification of dilemmas Conundrum of troubles possess the magical power to attract other troubles into their world Hypermobility of thoughts and their changing ethos interact with the hyperactive world They do not respond to the natural lifecycle of change, but always have a mind of … Continue reading Troubles


The ‘I’ is oblivious, or even, zealously unaware of sundry feelings A serpentine view imprisons the soul and snatches away the ability to feel It’s only crude realisation of what is important of a shrinking world Resembles a tiny little pond that is dangerously on the verge of drying up The crusts surrounding the ‘I’ demarcates the precincts of understanding A wonderful world slips away … Continue reading Oblivious