Writing, a Miracle

Writing is a miracle! The entire experience of understanding the philosophies which are emerging and evolving is a glimpse of a wonderful revelation. For a writer to be able to experience them and express them in words is deeply satisfying. The world may not be ready yet, for the narratives, but the philosophies grace the pages with profound presence. When the materialistic world takes away … Continue reading Writing, a Miracle


Scuttled ideas unsettle the words Through haphazard and unrestrained sentences In scattered ink, blemishes cloak them in weirdness Wiry sentences chained in distorted girdles There’s no scope of curious eyes getting to close to their meaning Lucky, not to be surprised by their wayward patterns Such chimaeras are conceived in some convoluted world Which may not even come from an ovular reality Of life, which resonates … Continue reading Hurried


It’s archaic speaking in a dialect that does not evolve from the darkness Whatever may be the subject, they feel subjected to a limited scope of discussion Never coming out of the shadow of a definitive character of an ego Replicated in many dimensions reflecting from uninspiring surfaces Caught between numerous intersections of busy conversations  Only to an uprising that subsides unenthusiastically and meekly in … Continue reading Archaic

The Poet

Poet works with the shadows to throw light upon the nebulous desires It’s important to elucidate the solemn ways of the darkened world Mysterious awakening of the mind deceive sleep to carry on the wandering To seek from the corners and soften the edges that threaten the thoughts There will be numerous unbelievers but is necessary to plant fertile ideas Do not bother the skeptical … Continue reading The Poet


Sometimes you conspire and combine to replicate an idea  With the idea of strengthening its voice, but the inevitable happens And diminishes its relevance after being diluted with vacuous and pompous words Realisation, that ideas are not conveyed by words alone Intentions determine their values; without a destination and staying without expectations The foundation of relationship with creativity does not happen with sentences Or, with … Continue reading Affectations

Creating a Space

Diminished opportunities Shrinking spaces  Mind perceives lavishly Still hopeful for a miracle Settling for lesser opinions Never the soul’s choice Exaggerated mediocrity Fail to emphasise  Hide the anomalies Of greedy endorsements Vulgar exhibitionism Casualties in every Age Torrential networking Satiating egos Truth clings from sunbeams Clouds disappear There’s always hope Pillars of reality  Firmly placed on foundations Divinity and beliefs Perseverance prevails Acclaimed by the Universe … Continue reading Creating a Space

Another Poetic Collaboration — lay3rs of z3n by z3ng33kgr7

The following is another ad lit – spur of the moment – synchronous poetry spilled forth by Amitav [A] and z3ng33kgr7 / zGGy [M]. These are times I truly find joy connecting with other souls in a genuine effort to enhance ourselves and others while creating art. Hope you enjoy. Namaste! Mirroring the beauty within […] via Another Poetic Collaboration — lay3rs of z3n by z3ng33kgr7 Continue reading Another Poetic Collaboration — lay3rs of z3n by z3ng33kgr7