With Nothing On

Experiments with unsteady reality, in it but not without Exposed soul gets spasms, an oft repeated journey through some diabolical tunnel Primeval spirits still unawakened at this hour of vulnerability and grave insouciance Challenging each other to get entangled into a dystopian pattern Those who slow down or lack the passion to indulge in fornicate with untamed delusions Social pariahs, “aren’t their conditions mentioned in … Continue reading With Nothing On

The House

Do you allow the house to rest before you wish to rest for the night? The house is around you; within, you would like to dwell with decorated ideas Light depends on what you have chosen- the hues of your mood reflected on walls Shadows whispering the pensive thoughts; ears lamenting the nocturnal clamour Alone, the heart pulsates with melancholic feelings but yearns for some pardon A … Continue reading The House

Wilting Ears

Wilting ears do not wish to listen to the lengthy diatribe Persistent echoes of repugnant language harasses the feelings Continuously knocking on life as aggressive intruders It’s a daily confrontation to hold a dialogue with heartless sentiments Instincts and intuitions have gone berserk with illogical ambitions Senses are burdened with frequent turbulence of convoluted thoughts © Amitav Continue reading Wilting Ears

Actions Speak

False language articulated by deceptive tongue Ambivalent heart has never been unaware of the subtle insinuations Many attempts have been made to scheme a grand plan  Lure the heart to follow devious routes  Aggrandized dreams always arouse the desires of infamy Why curse fate? Weakness reconciles with the Machiavellian plans If not in entirety, some inclination towards avarice made the choice Indulging in and supporting the opulent lies Life … Continue reading Actions Speak