The Opinionated Truth

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. -Marcus Aurelius When there are immense possibilities much beyond our ability to comprehend the truth of this existence, there are also greater chances of being mislead with false perceptions that have been etched deeply in the psyche of every age of existence. Just when we think that … Continue reading The Opinionated Truth

The Common Tiredness

Dubious outcomes are not uncommon Wrapped in insincere embellishments Broadcasting an auspicious future At the intersection of human feelings and electronic interference Only inference possible is that of exaggerated announcements Scripted like an oddly shaped vest to envelop the mind Since the arrival of seasons have altered, even, misappropriated Fruits of such laborious diatribes are insipid The world does not feel illuminated, but it still … Continue reading The Common Tiredness


There is no pure reason, but only reasonable reason. This inability comes from the rigorous tutelage that impedes the individual from seeking courage to find the true reasons to quieten the garrulousness and unreasonable demands. Knowledge and humility is not an entitlement; one cannot use lack of understanding and inefficient communicating skill to reason irrationally. Read something that enlightens your imagination and gives you the … Continue reading Reason

Nothing Endures

Attempting to visit obscure time Rewinding the thoughts in a convoluted design It’s a feeling inspired from eternity Going back may divulge the missed moments Undesirable then and lack of inclination To comprehend or paucity of intellect When that moment is lost  Now won’t be relevant to the past Knotted in time and displayed in universe None can breathe life in retrospect Chastising now is … Continue reading Nothing Endures

Such Designs

Intricate designs are woven with threads of trifles Desires descend from an unknown reality Such creations display scant regard for conscious flow Lost composure draw lines of pandemonium Utterances lack credibility as senses disapprove Only an amplification of myriad distortions There aren’t any languages to articulate this fault None seeks to take responsibility to seek remedy Frail intellect wishes to join the ubiquitous chaos© Continue reading Such Designs

Perceptions about Criticism

The general perception about criticism is that it erupts from an unsettled subconscious yearning to acquire something one possesses or from failure to live up to the expectations of society. One should not forget, before ignorant generalisations, there are profound criticisms from informed analysis of a situation or ideology that has proven to be failures. Before any hasty conjecture, one should comprehend the philosophy of criticism. … Continue reading Perceptions about Criticism

Opinions and Discussions

The ability to engage in an evolved and intellectual dissent is rare. We all have opinions to express as they emerge from consciousness, perceptions, and acquired information from different sources (books, media, communication with others, personal experience, etc). Although individuals from different walks of life give the impression, or, would like us to believe that they have the ability to listen to contrary opinions, it’s seldom … Continue reading Opinions and Discussions

On the Journey

Do not abandon the intrinsic thoughts Severe ties with the soul and walk off in a trajectory The body will carry you with brawn and raw zeal If there are wishes of going miles and miles with clarity Carry the intellect and expand your consciousness Rehearse the dialogues with the soul Impulsive karma provides initial thrill  But consequences cannot be expunged from fate Why carry life … Continue reading On the Journey

With New Ideas

A journey from the quill to a pen Beyond our imagination, the journey When ink spilled over with misuse Many edicts bear the signature of hubris More than a blotch on human endeavor From papyrus to the blank pages Sentences across caved in from pressure Recorded misadventures in memoirs Many thoughts were a noose for freedom  Strangulated thoughts and muffled voices Yet, the might of the … Continue reading With New Ideas