For a Long Time

Away from those simultaneous experiences It’s a freedom to think, but an unenviable escape Once a casual observer becomes keenly involved There emerges new convictions and truth to deal Some unopened realities are waiting to be released Some kind of intelligence pushes away the distractions Dreams cannot be forsaken after defeating daydreams Caresses of another consciousness awaken the soul It is not humiliating to stay … Continue reading For a Long Time

Seeking through Futility

The soul being independent and thinker of eternal proportions Contradicts the body; fingers turning the pages of calendars Numbers wean away life from the beauty of living without calculations Frantically trying to tally the contributions across ruled paper Compute the extensive number of files with memoirs Activating a virtual drama through network of pervasive simulation Reality bastardised repeatedly to confiscate the truthful dreams Looking in … Continue reading Seeking through Futility


None knows for sure the ulterior motives that hide in deep folds of crowds Mysteriously busy at a pace that resonates with cosmopolitan reasoning Communication synthesises with extrinsic desires fueled by suave repartee Minds irradiated with strange fondness for tidings construed to be the only truth When affinity towards the artificial becomes too strong and adheres to insolence Indentations of boredom creates a new landscape over the … Continue reading Synthesis

Fictional Reality

Artificiality of intelligence is being simulated with deeper conviction Reality once derived at based on too much information and little interpretations Somehow, the instinct to create a make-believe world presenting a weak substitute Euphoria generated to synthesize every ounce of consciousness to fulfill wishes Desires run deep while creating indelible furrows of dissatisfaction across the skin Life is parodied and thrown in front of the … Continue reading Fictional Reality

Brevity and Meaning

Let not the brevity of verses deceive you Words encompass the consciousness and beyond It’s supra-intelligence that dawn over a new world of knowledge Where the firmament bends to surrender into the ocean Looking at the horizon for an extravagant world to awaken  It’s the union of multitude of senses in waves of rhythmic flow Mind inclines towards the realms of ultimate comprehension When the … Continue reading Brevity and Meaning