Feeble Intensity

If the intensity of this universe is conspired to be neutralized Its radiance being eclipsed deliberately and passion abhorred Why fear its ferocity when you face uncouth repercussions? No! Nature’s revolt is not filthy; it is the diatribe and its abuse There is a lurking fear that truth will overpower this existence Passionate love will energize the heart with a cosmic glow The vulgar embrace … Continue reading Feeble Intensity

Mysterious Enthusiasm

It’s the fear of being too intense that the words are wrapped in unusual sentiments More of persuasion, than being carefree with the expressions which truly matter  The feelings may not have the scope to run through arterial routes  Without the rhythm, the movements feel utterly rehearsed for the eyes that are impressed with razzmatazz Currency isn’t enough to decide the worth of intense feelings … Continue reading Mysterious Enthusiasm


Viewing through the loupe a mind is exposed to the intricate facets The eyes resemble an orb from the impact and mesmerising details Entire world seems to slow down and even shuts up the nonsense Succinct details of celestial secrets dance around in euphoric state Considering, the untold and undiscovered knowledge is life altering Hypersensitive reactions are ameliorated with the right knowledge ~Amitav Continue reading Viewing

End of Day

End of day; the world scurries toward the darkness Feelings collapse and wind blows with less intensity Hiding between the labyrinthine folds of lightlessness There’s a rush for some solace across that anonymity Movement of problems unsettle them forever In motion, but nowhere to go or find some reason They trickle down the cracks and escape Stimulates urban decay in a subtle manner While heads … Continue reading End of Day


Fears spark controversies and conflagration lights up a path That could have merged, but diverges into a fiery parallel reality This distance singes the feet and keeps away chances of reconciliation Dividing dreams into bothersome duality tearing off the resistance Hyperrealistic intensity deeply furrows the subtle canvas  Some bold designs on close inspection reveal the fervent cinders Fear hides under such circumstances and annihilate the … Continue reading Fear