Emotions are wrapped densely in an unrecognizable quagmire Superficial explanations are unable to sort out the incoherently blended designs Of a mind that has decided to space them with unpleasant surprises Trying to align the layout according to the convoluted stirrings of whimsical ideas There is that eccentric spark from available facets of a strangely shaped heart Surrounded by immodest intentions while marking out an unsettled … Continue reading Wrapped

Words of Falsehood

Those who stand by their promise of delivering the lies Weaves a mask every day with the convincing fibs Parched wound and the wrapped gauze still fresh memories Lies weren’t the sponge that could absorb hurt None can drink from a chasm; an agony of unknown depths Masks cannot mask lies but shorten the lifespan of truth By exposing the vituperative languages and their intentions … Continue reading Words of Falsehood

The Illusions

There are illusions about illusions and therefore, the constant illusions disguise perceptions. Often wrapped too tightly, they are misshapen and every particle seems to act diabolically. The manifestation of memphistopheles imagery prowls across the canvas with audacious intentions. Depleted intellectualism and rise of anti-intellectualism burns the path of critical thoughts. The natural inclination toward unnatural ideas creates a design with deliberate loopholes to bleed the … Continue reading The Illusions

Sudden Euphoria

Most sophisticated inclinations toward the luxurious images craving for praise There are no subtle colours, but hues of disconcerting emotions entwined awkwardly Eyes are rarely cognizant of the hideous intentions to lure away the heart from simplicity The uneasy depictions from prurient feelings create a road of ultra brazenness Celebrations in a vacuum are a deleterious attempt to stay significant in macabre reality Such anarchism disrupt … Continue reading Sudden Euphoria

Empty Voices

Echoes the empty voices  With conviction and pride Offering golden moments Gilded with arrogance Warring minds demarcate Boundaries of existence Weak warriors battle Inner conflicts amplified A profound stage desecrated Burlesque drama unfolds Mere exhibitionism Memorised dialogues  Solemn heart forced Plunges into uncertainty Flows the sentiments Conceited river course Maliciously erodes life Befriends illegitimate ideas Estate of controversy Have willful defaulters  ~Amitav  Continue reading Empty Voices

Reluctant Thoughts 

When thoughts become reluctant in an unfriendly mind Constant sparring emerges to be the preferred communication  Desire to experience the ultimate grandeur of life become elusive  Wealth diminishes in value, every transaction a labyrinth of flaws Untimely erosion of philosophical facets of life weakens vision  A purposeless journey manipulates to give birth to alternative ideas -Amitav Continue reading Reluctant Thoughts 

Another Change

Chaff dialogues, consciousness compromised by ultra modern ideologies There aren’t rooms available to manoeuvre the profound thoughts anymore Claustrophobic minds and hypersensitive attitude upset the true rhythm Symptoms are identified by mala fide intentions to initiate an ailment When life is simple and healthy, there is unnecessary worry about existence Until the strings of thoughts are frayed and curled up limpidly Worthless ideas invade the … Continue reading Another Change

Ideas for Change

Suddenly waking up one day to improve the world or the situations in society is not a brilliant idea. One has to continuously remain conscious about the perpetual indifferences that have already rooted itself in the psyche. Change is always a gradual process and becomes even more difficult to implement when the inaction has been prevalent due to the understandable willingness to conform. Positive change … Continue reading Ideas for Change

Truth Echoes

Truth, rarely spoken, unaccustomed ears do not listen  Soul lays supine; enjoying the slumber and artificial indulgences Slothful hearts wish not to wake up early and experience reality Melodious echoes cease to resonate in a world of chaos Ethereal choir plays for the silent souls, respectful of life’s ways One who stays away from attacking each day with thousand battalions When rivulets evaporate from the … Continue reading Truth Echoes