Why do we believe the narrative of Time? The inability to recognise reality Searching for few moments of reliability Translations of celestial language is misunderstood Journeying through vague ideas  Faith is abandoned too early  Carrying that image of what isn’t Ephemeral intensity restrains development Dwarfed moments of life Eyes stare unwittingly at the definitions  Changing ideologies every other day Living beyond the authentic Uniqueness dissolves Accelerating … Continue reading Waning

On Reading

Predominantly, reading as become an amusement; the purpose and quality of a literary work are rarely discussed seriously. The emergence of many writing platforms have given the opportunity to many writers, or those who wish to be one, but quality work suffers because reading is becoming a casual affair. It is seen that interpretations of quality literary work, including the classics, do not spark intellectual debates. … Continue reading On Reading

Thinking Beyond

There are increasing instances of ‘placebo philosophy’ being discussed and advocated. They simply do not have any depth but satiates the superficial urge to fill the mind with coarse information. No wonder, the arguments becomes insensible, with utterances of ‘intolerable philosophies’. Without preparing the mind with a rationale, the arguments become a persecution and lead towards conflicting and unstable theories. Generalized opinions and perceptions cast a … Continue reading Thinking Beyond


The night feels opiated  Immense sense of tranquil euphoria Smoky forms across the skies An unknown artist’s illustrations With free will expressing ideas Awakened mind is a conduit  Conveying the flow of emotions Darkness is in a stupor But fully aware of eternal bliss A psychic phenomenon unfolds Night’s candour is captivating This moment of realization Rhythmical shifts between realities Unraveling the somnolent consciousness It’s no … Continue reading Interpretations


Constructive criticism is an art. It is effectively articulated by knowledgeable minds after considering every aspect of a literary piece. Ignorant minds perceive criticism to be a diatribe borne out of jealousy or an unreasonable argument. Such views of criticism are ubiquitous, due to the popular and obsessive perception to interpret this effort from a myopic viewpoint. Mostly, criticism is regressive, an art not perfected, or usually … Continue reading Criticism

Through Photographs

It could be our inability to communicate the minutest details effectively that we want to convey experiences through photographs. Being suspicious of the consciousness due to our lack of understanding of complexities of a mind could be another reason we rely on photographs to present evidence. In a continuously evolving environment, it is possible the interpretations of photographs will vary and even challenge our own perception(s). … Continue reading Through Photographs


Empower the words to tackle darkness Not to alienate the tranquil phase from life Inspire the interplay of Luminescence and  tenebrous moments Seek balance with your consciousness Allow the mind to awaken Realize the oscillating moments of existence Feel the pulse of life with prudence Do not simply fill blank spaces Let there be meaningful contribution Familiarize with the sensibilities of senses It’s easy to … Continue reading Empower


Some lost in translation Rest in interpretations Feelings, lose their relevance None can salvage them From prying eyes and scorns Derision is routine Silence can’t be refuted Only the one who cares Willing to breach the walls To reach the heart Feel the real feelings In their purity Feel, the feelings true Heart with a soul Feelings get the respect Eyes meet with recognition Of … Continue reading Feelings

Beyond the Interpretations

There may have been many interpretations Yet, there’s no stopping this soul for newer inferences Something that the mind perceives from another dimension Every day, the journey takes a new course and meaning Let the interjections and prejudices not deter you Not to obfuscate your journey with borrowed perceptions Lay claim to logical thinking and brave enough to go alone Feel the happiness within for … Continue reading Beyond the Interpretations