Little Significance

Not much can be done with the paralyzed truth Trying to arouse the untruths for brief pleasures When the souls have been taken away from life It speaks feebly and crawls to the nearest lies Acquired taste becomes an obsession that lasts The essence of the secret underground intrigues It’s not infallibility but the truth that’s benumbed ~Amitav Continue reading Little Significance

Shadows Unknown

Following the shadows of unknown forces  Temptress impresses with an alluring gaze Chase, the traces of some provocative dream Desolate path, but a nonchalant heart walks Towards the sentried gates of pandemonium Woken up by the cunning gestures Turning away from paradisical reality Even an oath was taken in haste Chaste senses were charmed by shadows Spirit of this Earth never speaks of them In … Continue reading Shadows Unknown

Intriguing Images

The visuals that are cerebral follow the essential curiosity like a magical companion From where they descend no one knows, but they have been birthed by some ethereal consciousness Trying to gaze at their visage can be unnerving as their expressions are a revelation  It is remarkable that the mind urges the eyes to read more into their character for cautious introspection World may term … Continue reading Intriguing Images

Love Affair with Thoughts

Love affair with thoughts continue to intrigue the mind Even the heart is unaware sometimes and baffled at the emotions Arising from an unknown space of existence; a search continues Thoughts may stifle and trifle, even miscalculate the relationship Eyes wide open but the images remain constant and repetitive Change seems to be a disguised distraction to colour perceptions Evanescent love affair with thoughts magnify the … Continue reading Love Affair with Thoughts

Confessions and Night

Preferably leaning back, to view the darkness peacefully There’s a voice which says, ‘Don’t be too comfortable’ Those stars are alluring; I wish to converse before they die Wishing upon them is a chance when eyes are distracted Stretch of soft moonlight is inviting to the tired body Before sleep buoys me toward another dimension A cat mews intriguingly; probably invoking the night Mine are … Continue reading Confessions and Night

The Creative Highway

Spending worthless moments Idling way in this busy world Not willing to join the bandwagon Out of the race even before it began Spending worthless moments Trying to configure life’s puzzles This demure façade with raging mind Awakened to the mysterious world Laying down supine, outwardly paralyzed The mind is a humongous galaxy Trying to find meaning in the impulses Intrigued by hundred billion neurons … Continue reading The Creative Highway