When Thoughts Fail

There are days I am not willing to share my thoughts Like to be alone in a crowded scene and study every detail After staring for some time, the silhouettes start acting Reacting to the intense occurrences, as an individual Trying to construct a separate world, and yet, connect Comment on the popular topics of the day; political stirrings Although the voices try to be … Continue reading When Thoughts Fail

Vulnerable Times

“Are the thoughts durable enough?”, asks the vulnerable times It’s just early evening that succumbs to the rough hurriedness Persistent demands in an irritable language drown the senses There’s no one to rein in the words; they are of a stubborn nature Forces of a riotous type drive the thoughts across in screeches Chaffed dialogues speak of a more devastating supine nature Looks harmless from … Continue reading Vulnerable Times

The Futility of Seeking

Wedged between heaps of ignorance Where does one find momentary sanity  Thoughts, like dust, settles inconspicuously Trapped with many other particles  Incoherent, insouciant, and incisively destructive Devouring the soft fabric, till it looks ragged Some idiot must have planned all this Thinking of switching off the consciousness Seeking clemency at the precipice of foolishness Wild dance, celebrations of absurdness ~Amitav Continue reading The Futility of Seeking


In times of wakefulness, dreams have to wait patiently Little is known of their nature just like few unknown neighbours  Where’s the magician from whom I can learn the magic of altering time? Distant faces and their curious eyes try to essay the formal introduction While pacing frantically across the excessively sleepy house seems outrageous Looking at the bed dreadfully that has rejected sleep for … Continue reading Ill-timed

Escaping Nonsense

More you try to escape nonsense, it is possible, you will get hopelessly entangled in the twisted narrative. The irrationality of man has been viciously critical of any reasoning that could have engaged the minds in a thorough debate, but that was efficiently thwarted. Foggy fudged ideas were chronicled and disseminated eagerly and even thought to be the effective way to shape the mind in … Continue reading Escaping Nonsense

Change and Beyond

Change disappears faster than anticipated when they are supported by unknown external factors. The rational mind wishes to negotiate with an irrational world; mostly, the parts that are used to construct this reality are sourced from various ideas. Inadvertently, the mind has to adjust and squeeze into the outer thought bubble. It is happy existence, till the bubble bursts due to highly charged particles bouncing … Continue reading Change and Beyond