Reflections of Isolated Thoughts

Everything is being pulled back with a taut wire; held in position and reflects a stifled look. Yes, suddenly all the objects have become us, sharing space, the woes, the desperation, broken dreams, setback, frustrations. How does it feel to stare at the objects, oppressed by their lifeless stare? There may be questions too, as some of our behavioural traits are embedded in them by … Continue reading Reflections of Isolated Thoughts

Being Misguided

It’s never an easy task carrying the burden of thoughts and darted perceptions That perforates the dreams and disfigures the last facade of a quiet space ‘Tis like this world has been merciful enough to allow one to breathe in this claustrophobic environment Communicating with borrowed words and learning to be fluent in affected thoughts Isolation in a crowd can be quite gripping as the … Continue reading Being Misguided