Waking Up

You never really wake up It is still a dreamlike situation, where reality fades away Like an unnamed river rushing towards the deepest cavern Numerous compulsions to realize a common dream Keeping away the precious ones, but rarely spoken about Eroding the equilibrium- the reality is not interchangeable At the peak of a hectic day, it sometimes feels like waking up A sudden jolt from … Continue reading Waking Up

It is not Difficult to Pause

Not everyone appreciates silence Feels unnecessary to look up at the changing sky The clout of words subdues inner desires Cunningly narrates some concocted stores They all are diversions- numerous ways to reconcile With lies, imperfect perceptions, and fallacies Intricately entwines with life, like a serpent What has altered hearts so much? Souls find it impossible communicating Convincing the heart to choose a different path … Continue reading It is not Difficult to Pause

Through a Void

What happens to all the noise in a void? I cannot relate to the white noise- feels nauseous From the broken chalice everything flows Abundantly, rapidly, directionless; a madness unfolds To all the fallen feelings, I pray faithfully For you can free yourself from the mayhem Difficult comprehending my relationship with life A kind of communication I have every moment Where my consciousness leads me … Continue reading Through a Void

The Contradictions

While I decide to go the other way Something pulls me, interrupts my decision There I wish to live and find a purpose Here, I have comprehended the futility Whether I am being pushed or pulled, I know not On who is behind the contradictions Above restlessness, it is a continuous struggle Difficult distancing myself from both realities While I sit here exasperated and tired … Continue reading The Contradictions

Not In Rhythm Anymore

Those who walk along not to support, but create barriers Listen to the most important desires, decode them in a convenient way Their privilege to interpret in an unfair manner, in inadequate language Appearing and disappearing as conveniently possible Implausible meanings added like uncomfortable appendages Describing changes that will be interfering with daily dreams Partisan thoughts seeded generously- a dishonourable act Unable to prove to … Continue reading Not In Rhythm Anymore

Between Today and Tomorrow

Not all reflections would be clearer today Hoping for a beginning- a ritual at the little corner of a dwindling day Like wondrous flashes of dreams, all the days cross through the mind Why can’t I link a few of the unfinished dreams? Prepare them for another time… whose soul would radiate hope Life feels simpler after a few reconciliations- rekindles a flame Gives some … Continue reading Between Today and Tomorrow

On Arrival of Happiness

Happiness faces an uphill journey Touched by deeper shades Frayed edges are difficult pronunciations The word stays together clumsily During adverse times; dissociation in between The perfect tone is a rarity Fewer souls believe in the sanctity Seasons have never missed their arrival Even while life slows down Not yet there, but seen from a distance Dissimilarities are glaring A long long way, and tiresome … Continue reading On Arrival of Happiness

Failing to Rearrange

‘Twas the disarranged thoughts unwillingly present Assigned to delve into them, but days feel toilsome Clings to the peripheries… prophecies of a future Overthinking promises a solution- fabricated thoughts Constant friction does not smooth the journey Overt promises fall apart… surrendered too much Wise words appear to be fake; mysterious ways Expectations become ominous during forceful times ~Amitav Continue reading Failing to Rearrange