A crumpled heart wishes to soak in rejuvenating feelings Collect the potent nectar for nurturing each grain of precious life Resurrect from the abysses towards pinnacle of consciousness Life is positively intoxicating when every inch of being is blessed Fertile dreams will lead through illumined paths of eternity No more contemptuous visions of life through distorted perspectives Clarity and intense focus on well-being of every … Continue reading Perseverance


Light is diverted towards the darkest places Gradually penetrating the stubborn layers that obfuscate life Hopeful souls feel the warmth after aeons of neglect and perpetual dampness Seeds of hope hibernating, laying low to mediate and change fate Transforming into the replica of omnipresent- quietude and simplicity prevail Simple cracks between stones part ways for light can filter through to deepest crevices Burning the gruelling … Continue reading Light


Without comparisons and discriminations Neither flawed admiration for anyone nor despising any life There’s universe’s blessing and divine presence in every heart A coronation of a true Monarch with regal thoughts of love The Elements of nature will visit the magnanimous soul Splendor and brilliance of kindness and gratitude Recognized by Divinity as the most blessed child of universe Allow the world to recognize the value … Continue reading Prayer

Turn your Life Around

Turn your life inside out To examine and ponder over realities True persona, a reflection of yourself For the whole world to witness the real you With the vulnerabilities and faults The weaknesses and the darker hues It may seem vulgar and outrageous To open up your world within for display When the strain pulls you apart You are at the crossroads, deciding Pulling you … Continue reading Turn your Life Around

World Together

Physically travelling across continents Should be an eye-opener By meeting people of diverse cultures Food becomes a reason to bond Simple to exotic cuisines Different and beautiful terrains Mountains, valleys, and wildernesses Deep gorges and feisty waterways Rustic pathways to classical boulevards Finest manicured lawns to simple kitchen gardens Palatial suites to the rustic warmth of families Genuine love and affection Somewhere, borders divide the … Continue reading World Together

Messenger of Dreams

Share your dreams with the winds Let them be the messengers Your dreams will travel to farthest lands Touching upon the mountain peaks Across the valleys and dense forests Through the waterfalls and the streams Dreams joyfully dancing with the winds Carefree, with the forces of nature Willingly listening to the echo of your dreams Inspiring the universe to meditate on them Your ardent plea … Continue reading Messenger of Dreams