The Messenger

Wondering, if we lost the messenger Lost the way among the dodgy labyrinth We are to decipher on our own Live with the reality we have designed There’s no way to invite the lost messenger With the original message on life Messenger on the way, running an errand Selfless job of delivering the memoir We may have lost touch with reality Started venturing in a … Continue reading The Messenger

Through the Labyrinth

Through the labyrinth Of interconnectedness Flowing through The arterial branches Across the sea Of turbulence Trying to find semblance To corroborate The individual presence Attached to the core Life beats with rhythm It takes time To maneuver through The depths of obscurity Toward oblivion An unknown maze Mind knows all An old soul Looking to adapt To the new light New horizons Await the braveheart … Continue reading Through the Labyrinth

Wandering Soul

Solitary soul wandering Through the wilderness Sole purpose to walk through The labyrinth of silence Happy wanderlust heart Welcomed by the slithering river Only a soft murmur from afar Making its way through the hills Flow of nature softens the mightiest With time and patience Coniferous trees decorate the landscape With the morning sun Beginning to bathe the peaks There is a perfect synergy To … Continue reading Wandering Soul

Long walk to Freedom

We cannot yearn for freedom After creating boundaries Work within the precincts Cordoned off by restricted thoughts Evolution of a different kind Permission for every little step taken Coerced toward a direction Etched out by few minds Marking out labyrinths unfathomable No one can veer away at will Segregated segments of society Many differences and increasing chasms Structures confines rather than shelter Mind conditioned to … Continue reading Long walk to Freedom