Eulogy of Lamentations

Lamentations of the poet take shape in the heart It is sincere and private; of all the experiences and observations Only the deliberations in solitude can reveal their intentions They are here to stay for they have found a suitable cave This is an endless world, the poet’s world, where darkness loses its way Why elucidate their concerns or even daily occurrences of being disoriented? … Continue reading Eulogy of Lamentations

Diminishing Moments and Hope

Breathing struggles to rhythm with the excesses of a hasty world Floating dreams have to descend to the summons of impatient voices Morning’s youth spent in the unnecessary errands Tender moments wilt before they can bloom in worry-free moments Spirit’s merriment curtailed by the hypnotic shrill of quagmire Moments frozen in the void chills the heart and shivers judgments Tears held back are settled in the … Continue reading Diminishing Moments and Hope

Reasons to Lament

We find many reasons to lament Trekking through the uphill terrains The path of life strewn with challenges Having lost the custody of original compass Navigating blindly without a direction Scattering here and there, in every direction Our thoughts running the wild course Fallacies are magnified exponentially Dilapidated walls engulfed with overgrown moss Breathing the dampness of unenlightened thoughts Words bent from the manipulated twists … Continue reading Reasons to Lament