A Landscape

Do not drag insensitivities along the beautiful landscape When stars are breathing laboriously in times of imminent conclusion A life will surrender to eternity, only to be awakened with new consciousness Through the sieve of cosmic reasoning, dreams will sprinkle their seeds Eternal Aurora wipes away a persistent darkness to reveal a beatific face Rays are infallible and chronicle a fate that will be celebrated … Continue reading A Landscape

Still Flows Tranquil

The sleek stream flows quietly, a sensuous reflection  Slithering across the landscape inspired by nature’s tunes Of unknown origin and ageless, many stories are secrets Must have witnessed many human emotions unfold in quiet So many confessions have flowed to ease the pain Satiated the parched souls of wanderers and travelers Reflecting the various hues of nature, soul’s manifestations Nature’s idle dreamers find reassurance in … Continue reading Still Flows Tranquil

Day’s Approval

The day had dawned but was looking quite nonplussed. It was waiting for an approval and few moments of appreciation from the early riser. Although, looking dreary due to the truant nature of the Sun. Clouds conceal the excitement between the enormous folds. Behind the softness and fluffy nature, there’s abyss, filled with droplets of crystal. They are collected to announce the arrival of monsoon. … Continue reading Day’s Approval

Welcoming the Evening

The spirited breeze captivates the leaves Skillfully maneuvering through the branches Blank leaves are amused and display immense happiness Retreating light of the day extend the arm for a warm embrace Before twilight comes in to change the mood of the land Soft veins of the leaves patterned with the knowledge of life Nature’s secrets written in an encrypted language  There may be given directions of … Continue reading Welcoming the Evening

Wandering Soul

Solitary soul wandering Through the wilderness Sole purpose to walk through The labyrinth of silence Happy wanderlust heart Welcomed by the slithering river Only a soft murmur from afar Making its way through the hills Flow of nature softens the mightiest With time and patience Coniferous trees decorate the landscape With the morning sun Beginning to bathe the peaks There is a perfect synergy To … Continue reading Wandering Soul