Fading Fate

For them to be buried with their thoughts is probably their fate At times of shrewdness, when the time is shaped like a rapier Severing the last ties with those thoughts; once meant the world Now fate is spiralling through the black hole The conversations die unnaturally, and languages become frail There will be a time when humanity will lose this trail Of stories from … Continue reading Fading Fate

Through The Course Untrue

How long can you stare at the stillness brought upon by gloominess? Sincerely holding on to the cynic who wants to believe the unbelievable All the images are solitary, if not being bound by surrounding reflections Blue sky responds with a wry smile at the ripples of life’s chaos Faces distorted over the gloomy canvas creased by the daily troubled accents The languages strain for … Continue reading Through The Course Untrue

Before Interpretations

The letters may have been re-written,  Constructed from the deconstructed realities- Of dogmatism, that has been given wings, Prepared from arcane alphabets, Stolen perspectives cordon off the premise; Structured on a foundation of lies, Visions bowed before coercion, Many empty rooms echo but are unheard, While crowded ones are bustling futility. Midnight extends its stay, And morning light reflects the dark sentiments. Fertile thoughts have … Continue reading Before Interpretations


You may not always see the trap Sometimes, you may feel something’s amiss Words have been arranged to ensnare Beautifully crafted- fancy and clever trap There are strainers too, clogged and smelly Words’ stench and stuck forever Some new one will be poured through Again, it’s a network of sifters What pours through is a pungent liquid Smells abominable with repugnant ideas Words caught in … Continue reading Trap


Languages of humans came from somewhere May have been planted on our tongue while asleep Help sail with life with the interesting communications Troubles annoy languages; distort them crudely Innocent stories become diabolical Tongue learns to deceive and abuse with words chosen in jealousy A simple task of enriching language is squandered Even literature is whitewashed with similar sentiments ~Amitav Continue reading Proficiently

The Eagerness to Change

Do you write with the expectations of living up to the dreams of creating a piece of literature that has never been given a voice or misunderstood and neglected by everyone? Creativity is a sword which rips open the obfuscating veils to reveal stories. Stories that have remained neglected for a long time due to the apathy of finding appropriate words to give them a … Continue reading The Eagerness to Change


Elaborate summaries; their oral narrations are open to distortions You would ask those questions, but reply would be restricted and condensed With curdled interpretations; world viewed with nebulous eyes  Tongue waves at the words which are accepted in catacombs Such grave words summarising the entire meaning in a hasty manner Would you still believe in the proficiency of languages? Muddled thoughts scripted and directed by … Continue reading Summarizing

The Meandering

The meandering eloquence of verses are cryptic experiences Expensive indecisions and weary emotions seems unreal for a while Life’s precis is punctuated even further with unnecessary commas Insoluble feelings are unsettling while eyes stare at cloudy waters  That which weighs down is inexplicable, but a parallel force unnatural Nuances are smudged and slant across the coarse papers Misshapen perceptions erase reason from the words and empty … Continue reading The Meandering

Incoherent Principles

The passionate speeches are somehow discriminating the real sentiments. It seems superficiality is a concerted effort of dubious minds to propagate new ideologies. There is a new sense of satisfaction and delight in twirling the ideas into an interlaced design of a contrary language. They do not sound extreme for being well-disguised with entertaining episodes to excite the minds. It’s a voyeuristic scrutiny of minds … Continue reading Incoherent Principles