The Pertinent Problem

Leadership is not about egotistical pursuits. True leaders show the path as a guiding light, with gratitude.~ Amitav We have neglected the problems and ills of society for too long. We have always been, as a society, looked for superficial remedies for any problem(s). In fact, we have entrusted the reins of the society to doubtful leaders, who are groomed and supported for the role. … Continue reading The Pertinent Problem

The Road Ahead

The ill-effects of modern education is slowly and surely showing its sinister side. Manufacturing minds with some misdirected ideologies are found everywhere and the future seems to be in unstable hands. We have a leadership vacuum, as there is no in-depth thinking; the inability to analyze situations from a neutral and long-term perspective is allowing erratic decisions to be taken seriously for implementation. Lack of … Continue reading The Road Ahead

Organizations and Employability

Today’s organizations have unreasonable demands from prospective employees. They should always possess multiple skill sets (it’s like flirting with all and not committed to any). Again, with the rapid upgradation to those skills sets, requires one to stay abreast with the latest (it’s like upgrading software patches frequently). Humans are being treated nothing more than machines and organizations complain of the Skills gap and lack … Continue reading Organizations and Employability


Flaunting the heroics Reflecting a deep-rooted insecurity A face to uphold superiority An epoch of turmoil Due to the propagandist attitude Flawed philosophies Emanating from weak foundations The proletariats must rise And demand an education of reform To wipe away prejudices And create a world of critical thinkers Let the thinkers and philosophers Bring the agenda of hope A route for humanity towards progress Now, … Continue reading Temerity


Weakening intellect Trying to find the easy route On the verge of lethargy Sedentary minds Maneuvering mammoth machines At the press of a button We are successful Extracting Earth till the last drop We are making things bigger Wonder, if they are better Trying to be superior Compared to whom? We have only the animal kingdom To impress with our power Earning degrees of education Disciplines … Continue reading Myopic

Leadership and Success

Exalted to the position of leadership out of compulsion and favoritism, rather than capabilities and character, always becomes a liability and cause of failure. A leader should be strong willed, an independent thinker, and intuitive enough to choose the right individuals, whom he can entrust with responsibilities. A leader should be visible to the people and also keep ears to the ground and address the … Continue reading Leadership and Success

Life- Efforts and Challenges

Life chooses us. We are here, trying to find out various ways to maneuver through life. Paths, there is many- Straight paths, parallel paths (never to meet), long winding paths (delays), deserted paths, dangerous paths, fulfilling paths, courageous paths, and a path toward perdition.  In life, we are presented with choices, that determine the journey. We all have dreams, some of them come to fruition, … Continue reading Life- Efforts and Challenges


In the midst of hazy air of confidence And erecting a distorted mirror To reflect the ideas of mediocrity Logic that defies the very existence Pseudo-intellectualism is a bane Every lecture regurgitated with rhetoric Leading a misleading campaign with glib oratory Trying to dominate the minds with jargons The excessive sheen of debauchery is palpable There are no roadmaps for the misguided souls Excellence is … Continue reading Befuddled