Knowledge and Development

Insecurity borne out of insufficient knowledge always decides in haste. The obdurate minds, emboldened by the stamp of authority consider their decision to be final and sacrosanct. Vanquishing the common desires and demands of the people, only a few assembled minds prepare the agenda. Being vain, by virtue of sparse education that fails to inspire and shape minds. There is a comprehensive ploy to encourage mediocrity … Continue reading Knowledge and Development

The Blogging World

The blogging world is buzzing with creativity. People, from all across the globe, are writing passionately and giving it vital fillip to the art form or genre. I come across blogs, which cater to a variety of topics and it is interesting to see young bloggers, contributing to this endeavor. This is important because they will be the torchbearers in the future and take the blogging … Continue reading The Blogging World

Writers and Critical Thinking

Writing is a dignified experience. Writers, with their critical thinking, visit obscure ideas to relate them and join the dots. It’s for the writers to think and come up with fresh inferences. Using one word at a time to construct a sentence and conveying a credible idea. Writers have to indulge in critical thinking to relate the relevant ideas attached to a subject to come … Continue reading Writers and Critical Thinking

Life’s Stream of Consciousness

Steady stream of consciousness My breathing is in my control I inhale the real freedom to the core My consciousness expands every moment Life reveals itself in true form In complete control of my emotions I have relinquished minuscule thoughts Comparisons are not my forte As I realize that I am me, complete An individual walking on this earth I feel more connected to the … Continue reading Life’s Stream of Consciousness

Life, let’s experience it

Life always throws up challenges. The greatest challenge of them all is to decide how we face life. Since we are born, our attitude towards life is being slowly carved by the people we are surrounded with, that is, our family. Our thought processes and attitude towards life is shaped by the conversations we have with our parents, siblings and extended family members. Once we … Continue reading Life, let’s experience it

Life is Inspiring

What inspires us? According to me, it is not always the success stories, we see, hear or read about, inspires us to either pursue a dream or sometimes surpass them. Stories of failures and unsuccessful attempts are equally important to inspire us and help us analyze a challenge from different perspectives. Failed attempts and failures teach us to be more innovative and motivate us to improvise … Continue reading Life is Inspiring