When Darkness Has Clarity

Correspondences at night have more clarity As the crowds disperse There is a kind of transparency when masks fall off The discomfort eases a little Little scope to fool around with the darkness Persuasively pulls the real character out Glorified struggles take shelter somewhere Leaving the character bare- unnecessary liabilities So many feelings escape the commotion A cumbersome day misdirects the soul Night returns every … Continue reading When Darkness Has Clarity

Indications of Change

It’s that time of the year when nights start behaving little oddly There’s that sharpness in the air suddenly unsettling lazy thoughts Wishing to watch the stars little longer and speak monotonously No one is listening anyways other than the subtle life that breathes Should one rush to gather all the thoughts that wander leisurely? Saving them from the cold before they feel uneasy for … Continue reading Indications of Change