Inattentive soul, aspiring to imagine half-tone images Walk away further, tilt your head, the eyes prance between the spaces, and figure out a stymied outcome Natural lights are neglected, hushed tones, as imaginations drift sharply Neglected memories, the cunning time that builds a craving withing, without which you cannot step out Distancing from the self, transforming with a designed fashion, overlooking a perforated landscape Piercing … Continue reading Neglected

At The End of The Day

At the end of the day, only those words remain Which were picked up casually from passersby Unknown context, the origin of thoughts, and language There is plenty of vagueness in fragmented communications What challenges you to settle the puzzle? Tiredness sets in and a night ruined by incoherence You may be waiting for clarity By creating an entire world from these stories Some of … Continue reading At The End of The Day

Subtle Demarcations

We aspire to trespass the subtle demarcations Etched over the canvas of life as cloned motifs Transgressions elevated to a notion of adventure Running away to prove superiority over own ilk Crowding over the myriad definitions of existence Trying to usurp an imaginary position of hegemony In hordes, the consciousness deviates from life Many stories have been woven with fabrications The inferences from them reflect weaknesses … Continue reading Subtle Demarcations