Natural Life

Swimming the depths of fluid consciousness Undercurrents can take swift and sharp turns  Take the mind towards unknown directions Ability to vision with clarity and adapt requires patience In one breath surviving eternity Events in distorted reality consumes Time unnecessarily Diluting the body’s memory Weakening the intellect while dealing with exhausting thoughts Arrogantly wishing to usurp laws of eternity Living forever, a dream has been … Continue reading Natural Life

Of Feelings

Feelings conceive consciousness Swift subtle motion encircles essence of life Somewhere destiny is planned Carrying memories of bygone eras Origin of new beginning and continuity Omniscient one decides the fate To channelise the birth; lineage proceeds Deeds are taken into account From first till the last breath of existence Spirit is bestowed with tasks To complete the lifecycle From the womb to the deathbed Every breath is counted Actions … Continue reading Of Feelings

Speck of Reality

Philosophically estranged thoughts blended into reality Weaving a pattern to entangle consciousness in suspended beliefs Swaying at the wishes of an unseen force Portraying every possible feeling for brief moments Sifting through tiring and boring (im)practicalities Only possible blocks available to fit the deliberate puzzle Freedom of choice is a dream, sold with artificial paraphernalia Psychological stagnation does not allow new thoughts to flow Contrived … Continue reading Speck of Reality

A Solitary Walk and Realization

It was like traveling towards a haven situated somewhere among the mysterious clouds. It has not been named but still looks imposing and evokes respect. With increasing elevation, the road became precarious and resembled a mythical serpentine creature; winding across the mountains which seemed gravity defying. Walking on this road was a calling from the Divine world. On closer look, the images and patterns of … Continue reading A Solitary Walk and Realization

A Rainy Day

As clouds invaded the day, the Sun had to retreat, but could not shy away from its duty. Gloominess was the fate of the day. The Sun was trying its best to peek through the asymmetrical patterns that were obfuscating the intense Spirit of the ruddy character. The jostling created a rather amusing spectacle in the sky; talk about nature’s drama being played out with … Continue reading A Rainy Day

An Eternal Cycle

Born, to be included into the life’s rhythmic cycle From life, breathes another life, an infant’s grace Life flows through the hyaline labyrinths of universe Branching into numerous dimensions of the Spirit A soul pledges allegiance to the omnipresent Supreme Illumined is the journey with guidance of limitless light Every cell, a vassal of the incredible paradise of life Life carries the boundless dreams of an … Continue reading An Eternal Cycle

Waning Flames

When the flames lose intensity And flicker with the stroke of silence Entire life burns feebly The radius of brightness shrinks Weakening flame, but the core has lustre Frail edges provide enough heat Kindled by the eternal energy Harmonizing to enlighten the soul Gradually the ashen residue of life will be there The core of the flame is immortalized Final intensity of the flame will be weaned away … Continue reading Waning Flames

The Liberated Soul

As the liberated soul Saunters through the wilderness Meditating on the birth of life Privy to many transformations As modern life treads at a fast pace The liberated soul is free Without worries about expectations Enjoying the transient presence Awaiting a new manifestation Abstract ideas take shape Within the world of eternal bliss Meandering through cosmic swirl Awakening to new phases Secrets from the mind’s … Continue reading The Liberated Soul

With Nature’s Tranquility

When you resonate With nature’s tranquility Patience is the mantra Flows for eons Many transformations Through different ages Nothing is permanent Change is eternal truth Adapt with the stillness Instill patience in the soul Be rooted in the truth As they branch out deeper Traversing new ground Reaching new territories Age is just a makeover Prepare for new life Death is a new beginning Roots … Continue reading With Nature’s Tranquility