True Power- Life’s Consciousness

When you do not have the power to understand and interpret your consciousness, your thinking and attention is fragmented. It becomes difficult gathering them to create a credible holistic approach towards life. -Amitav Chowdhury Continue reading True Power- Life’s Consciousness

I Cannot Follow the Stories

You speak in haste and voices change tracks without warning My ears are strained while listening to your stories Before my mind can examine, they get entangled with a new theme It irks me that I cannot listen to you in leisure Go away- travel some more, gather some more stories; carry some patience next time As if your tongue is misdirected by the misdirected … Continue reading I Cannot Follow the Stories

Archaic Relevance

Words that have been spoken by vintage hearts are completely forgotten Tides of emotions surged ahead and drowned them; dreaming of new bridges They knew the secrets! Fear of man of such cryptic chastisement urges them to take drastic steps Excavating and exposing is an effort in disparaging the silent spirits of forgotten times Yet, they needle the narratives of today; such perforated facts fail … Continue reading Archaic Relevance


Would you share your dreams with a stranger? Thinking about a miracle may happen through storytelling When the words are received by the stranger’s benevolence Like touching a magic stone; they become vibrant with hope The verses flow once they find their rhythm From one line the stories aren’t satiated; thus, flows the recitations After a moment it becomes satisfying A miracle! Two strangers interpreting … Continue reading Stranger


Shadows from silent dimensions create an illusion Conventional eyes cannot differentiate between realities Folded within the realms of unknown existence some perceptions hide Those stirrings are stealthily stimulating When there are arguments over dominance and spatial errors Moments such as these are ridiculed by unseen realities While all experiences are perceived to be real Some realities aren’t experienced at all Another extensive preparation to theorise … Continue reading Experiences

The Meandering

The meandering eloquence of verses are cryptic experiences Expensive indecisions and weary emotions seems unreal for a while Life’s precis is punctuated even further with unnecessary commas Insoluble feelings are unsettling while eyes stare at cloudy waters  That which weighs down is inexplicable, but a parallel force unnatural Nuances are smudged and slant across the coarse papers Misshapen perceptions erase reason from the words and empty … Continue reading The Meandering

Truth Echoes

Truth, rarely spoken, unaccustomed ears do not listen  Soul lays supine; enjoying the slumber and artificial indulgences Slothful hearts wish not to wake up early and experience reality Melodious echoes cease to resonate in a world of chaos Ethereal choir plays for the silent souls, respectful of life’s ways One who stays away from attacking each day with thousand battalions When rivulets evaporate from the … Continue reading Truth Echoes

On the Journey

Do not abandon the intrinsic thoughts Severe ties with the soul and walk off in a trajectory The body will carry you with brawn and raw zeal If there are wishes of going miles and miles with clarity Carry the intellect and expand your consciousness Rehearse the dialogues with the soul Impulsive karma provides initial thrill  But consequences cannot be expunged from fate Why carry life … Continue reading On the Journey

Away from the Light

When the Sun becomes blinding And the dawn is never welcomed Error after error, the indelible impact Scars from the onslaught of ignorance Soul’s door closed shut to the Light Wakefulness turns into weaknesses Choices are aplenty but wrong ones Clouds of doubt looming over the psyche Souls are segregated and discriminated Distraught, in compartmentalized confines Unseen chains and the silent atrocities In a stupor, … Continue reading Away from the Light