Reflections of Isolated Thoughts

Everything is being pulled back with a taut wire; held in position and reflects a stifled look. Yes, suddenly all the objects have become us, sharing space, the woes, the desperation, broken dreams, setback, frustrations. How does it feel to stare at the objects, oppressed by their lifeless stare? There may be questions too, as some of our behavioural traits are embedded in them by … Continue reading Reflections of Isolated Thoughts

Perceptions of a Performer

The roads have become smoother, but the journey has become more complicated compared to the past. One does not feel like a traveller anymore, but more of a compulsive being who moves ahead; these days, the roads disappear more frequently, new ones appear rather hastily, and one has to adjust the rhythm of the steps like a professional novice trying to be an expert. Somehow, … Continue reading Perceptions of a Performer

Sustainable Thoughts

If the best possible thoughts are taken in a strictly negative way, it becomes a constant challenge to sustain life with pessimism. The lack of deconstruction of thoughts and every opportunity to fill the mind with negativity can obfuscate clear reasoning. Free flow of negativity slows the course of life. Contributing to negativity cannot be a sustainable idea for life. There are times when positive … Continue reading Sustainable Thoughts


Frothy ideas float and the bubbles explode with false enthusiasm Distinct sight of surplus unenthusiasm; eyes detect this burgeoning void There may be too many concoctions in preparing toxic effervescence  Excellent contribution of waste surge ahead with the stories of modernity Pouring that glass of water seems to be innocent and pristine The bane of survival while trying to mediate with the unhealthy ideas ~Amitav Continue reading Futile


Celebration of reprehensible ideas Idolised and painted with gilded glamour Only, the sheen is too fragile and excruciating Shattered images narrates ignominious tales Fragmented pieces of life still seems alluring Superficiality slides off easily with eccentricities Vacuous hearts unworthy of trust Scheming glint in the eyes reflect a plan Perplexed hearts articulate soulless speeches Counterfeit nobility wears off soon© Continue reading Perfidious

Deliberately Unheard

Tranquil morning is rattled by the cranky vehicles Obstinately cutting across lanes to speed up life Bell tolls in the distance resonate with lonely requiem Mornings wake up hurriedly like a disturbed child Excessive clatter of modernity wrecks early hours Stern look of tall buildings exasperate the scene Preoccupied hearts lose the luxury to feel at ease Words replace casual gestures to rush conversations Satin … Continue reading Deliberately Unheard


Slow consciousness hurries the pace of life Cursory looks rarely pay attention to the real signs A notebook of slander chronicled every day  Each fresh page looks in anticipation of new narratives But, the foul ink desecrates the freshness and feelings Counter narrations argue with a diabolical voice Pen runs haywire to circumscribe the territories Trying to achieve and experience life in haste Slandered minds flagellate … Continue reading Rush


Habitually walking through the busyness Too distracted to glide the eyes over subtle feelings Stark realities of barren environment are overlooked Walking into a wormhole and losing the essence of life Mind pirouetting around an ephemeral reflection Busy nothingness cloaks the unrepentant behavior Success- a succession of acquiring lot of paraphernalia Every act fabricated to avoid the realities within Reverence for the askew reflections of … Continue reading Busyness


Differences can cause havoc when the individual loses all sense of integrity. When there is no communication with the mind and heart, a life can go astray. It is significantly noticed that narratives of ‘differences’ are deceptively played out and paced at intervals of life when the mind is most likely to absorb them entirely. Passive minds favor platitudes and almost always give into the ploy … Continue reading Differences