Lured Away

The stubborn perfume of indiscretion lingers on for too long There is no respite from the usual sprinkling of the same fate Sensitive nerve points become numb from the strong aroma Senses have been lured to welcome the impending desires Unaware, that paradise is encroached by irreconcilable poison ivy Of unknown species and mutations by the devilish soul Experimental digressions have surpassed the original code of … Continue reading Lured Away

Faces and Narratives

Walking through the crowd, greeted by sallow faces Brightness of a new day does not reflect from the eyes Morning clarity is only a solemn reminder but overlooked Possible that sleep may not have had a chance to visit Scrutinizing intensely the life spent without any purpose Life leans and casts an elongated shadow on the future The Sun is perceived to be an intruder … Continue reading Faces and Narratives


How many missteps it takes to stumble? With passion, there’s the urgency to acquire While everything has a facade The unseen ones reflect sinister intentions Leaning toward obsequious life Inimitable styles add the serrated edges Glint of mischief with steely resolve  Every action castigates the soul to submission There’s the lure that flows with rage Fate is being shuffled like cards Each group mocking at … Continue reading Misstep

Busyness of Life

City life is bursting with activities, there’s no reprieve from the endless chatter. Language has gone through numerous makeovers, to suit the hectic lifestyles; shortened, twisted, and even coalesced to birth new meanings, to suit the nouveau temperaments. Automobiles hasten the pace of life and it takes skill to tackle their arrogance with certain dexterity of the feet. Even when sidewalks spill over and there … Continue reading Busyness of Life


Prevalent predicament indicates that humanity being busy is not yielding any positive outcome. We are embracing the idea of busyness because we have been taught or indoctrinated to lead such a life. Otherwise, we risk being called a lazy bumpkin who does not believe in the useless comparisons and has a subtle and easy approach towards life. Anything that is simple and easy raises many eyebrows … Continue reading Busy