Reflections on Glass Facades

Busyness is reflected on the glass facades Synthetic dreams gleam under artificial lights It’s considered a sin to indulge in sleep At every hour, numerous reminders to hurry Caged in a virtual world- life is replicated Trying to vanquish the reality we deserve Every possible path carefully designed- They create a maze of life with misguided signs Forever busy, entangled in tentacles of dreams Freedom … Continue reading Reflections on Glass Facades

Hurried Steps

Walking through life in hurried steps Unusual briskness tires the soles too often The feet barely make contact with the Earth Entire body in a state of stiffness from expectations When life becomes an indomitable challenge There was not enough time for self-realization Hurried decisions to plunge into life unprepared Without the knowledge to comprehend details Dreams of acquiring too much too soon Relationships become … Continue reading Hurried Steps


Identity, busy with daily errand Trying to balance feelings between twin lives Incorporated lifestyle with routine itinerary Swift change in moods to match identities One yearns for solitude, another, the exuberance Within, there are no silent spaces Anecdotes become jumbled narratives One life is painted in contrasting colours Inner silence has retreated to an unknown space A name replaced with token identities Wondering, the legitimacy … Continue reading Identities

World and Lifestyle

The world which endorses ideologies like ‘cut-throat’ competition, ‘market your skills’, and ‘brand yourself’ so that you can be a ‘go-getter’; all of the mentioned jargons (which have negative connotations) are being taught for a survival in an increasingly corporate world which promotes such aggressive thinking. It is only natural that role-models have shifted from people of intellect towards people of wealth. They are being hailed … Continue reading World and Lifestyle

The Manufactured Life

This planet has become a manufacturing hub. Every age has its uniqueness and ours are expressed with a lack of intent. We are here to manufacture- emotions, feelings, relationships, and most importantly join the manufacturing race to create more products to entertain us. Real feelings and emotions are disregarded and such souls are branded losers. Our materialistic pursuit has become the cause of someone else’s … Continue reading The Manufactured Life

Experience Freedom for Real

The word ‘freedom’ is widely misconstrued. I believe, when you can extricate yourself from the trappings of the prejudices, materialistic pleasures, and the urge to indulge in the false allures of this world, you experience real freedom. Be free from the common definitions and the constricted path that has been chosen for you. Talking about freedom and comprehending the various definitions of ‘freedom’, won’t make … Continue reading Experience Freedom for Real