Not Much To Listen

It is not much I can gather during that curtailed moment From second-hand narrations, grudgingly trying to sound sane Listless days… the mornings wake up with a gloominess Lengthening the night’s mood to influence the day Opinions that are unverified, walk in, through concealed doors Non-literary glorifications across those tired pages Voices read dispassionately- only the alphabets matter Vacuous emotions sound too haughty to disguise … Continue reading Not Much To Listen

The Deserted Paths are Fascinating

Some paths are easily deserted! It is not because of the inclement weather or some unwelcoming feelings. Some perceptions can easily build a quite challenging scenario about the surrounding environment. This path is not just a winding thoroughfare, but a lifeline across the wilderness of many unknown experiences. The most challenging part of the journey is being pushed against one’s will, and eventually, convincing them … Continue reading The Deserted Paths are Fascinating

If They are not Translated

In the absence of translations, would you be eager to ponder On those lines that stare at you in a different language Their emotions may be similar to yours; do not misconstrue the cadence When nothingness surrounds you and implores to listen to the truth Someone trying to reach you through with personal yearnings Do not dismiss the lines to be silent ones; they have … Continue reading If They are not Translated

Poetic Compassion

A poem looking compassionately through someone else’s eyes  Somone who trusts the poet unwaveringly with all the feelings The task of translating them is a responsibility To create an uncontroversial canvas with the same genuineness A poet’s selfless gesture to listen, listen honestly from the heart and soul The poem may not be about the poet’s ‘I’ But it does have eyes to feel someone’s … Continue reading Poetic Compassion


Night is not an escape, but an indulgence If there was no darkness to listen to endless meandering of feelings Words would have been dispassionate about narrating life If not for that invisible shoulder to rest this confabulating head Dizziness would have obfuscated the starry canvas There’s no compulsion to keep track of time but ease comfortably in its embrace Night may be inarticulate for … Continue reading Night


Tucked away in the forgotten folds of antiquity Still holds true, the time, which surrendered unwillingly Memory wishes to get closer but fears the indifferent silence Sometimes, silence can feel hostile to the talkative mind Losing oneself in the tide of seasons wrinkles the skin Before nothingness calls, the inferences imprison  Hoping for clarity amidst evaporating essence of life Wishing for transient dreams do not become … Continue reading Searching


Choosing the essential While listening is not a choice Thoughts about nothing But everything encompassing It does not matter Realm beyond physical Rise above beliefs Only that which remains Negating the inconsequential Outspoken, aggressive voices With definitive inferences Convincing and rationalising The concrete ideas diminish Essence of being Vocal and prejudiced Drown the rationale Choose to listen Be aware of the Self It’s significant Nothing is … Continue reading Listening


There weren’t any eager listeners It did not stop the heart from narrating the feelings emphatically Sure, no soul is going to pass by or knock Door won’t swivel back and forth Silence is here to stay as unknown voices will not interrupt The world is busy exchanging perspectives Sometimes trading the most vociferous and lucrative ones Attitude do not perplex anymore  Complex behaviour is … Continue reading Listeners