Flowering Delight

We will never know what the petals hold Fragrance is excited like a child to embrace the senses Titillates the mortal ardour; a rarity among synthetic love Flowers beautiful, and its romance is indecipherable  Appeals to the mystic lovers who can kiss open a flower Embryonic desires shall awaken to nurture the world Fragrances pacify the senses with a mystical mantra Which kindles passion eternal … Continue reading Flowering Delight

A Rose

What does the rose hide between its petals? The aroma, mystery, love, or hypnotic mantra Everyone falls in love with a rose Sometimes, the lover feels envious of its popularity A rose is much more than a flower From a bud to the flowering grandeur, in many colors It’s held with utmost elegance between slender fingers Thorns wither away and do not have a chance … Continue reading A Rose

Divine Beauty

Fallen leaves rustle in rhythm When touched by the dainty feet Demure avatar with porcelain feel Love flows from a translucent heart Morning is dazzled by the divine beauty Birds are singing a different tune To regale the soul so pure Galloping stream invites the beauty to immerse Blooming paradise will awaken  Eternal tenderness weaves the invisible fabric Draped in beauty and perpetual happiness© Continue reading Divine Beauty

Tribute to Love

The ink still strives to convey love Express the true feelings of the heart An inner world illuminated forever Words struggle to write the suitable tribute Silence articulates the feeling from every facet Eyes sparkle with clarity and complete devotion The aura reflects the true colors of Love Souls will dwell in the eternal abode An eternal journey of togetherness begins Worthy love takes a … Continue reading Tribute to Love