Love, Lies, and Treachery

Lies love to betray love as love lies in a disheveled manner For there is no antidote for those lies, but an unwilling ailment grips the heart Surrounded by the nemesis, there’s no way love can wake up soon Faithless prayers won’t urge the universe to intervene to settle the ultimate treachery ~Amitav Continue reading Love, Lies, and Treachery

Lover’s Lament

One who walked away without a convincing goodbye Now desires to follow the footsteps through memory lane Walking a purposeless path; imaginary communication with a silhouette Spirit has long retired to a solitary place to contemplate a road ahead Why meet someone for a rendezvous to recollect strewn feelings?  Not many of them are there; withered and taken away by a storm  Those paths have … Continue reading Lover’s Lament


It is impossible to gauge every facet of a relationship There are some folded and preferably unknown angles  From where light does not reflect but absorbed all the time Edges of a relationship are rarely levelled with consent Initial euphoria illuminates the world and mesmerise the souls Eyes sparkle with the magical twinkling of love’s colour Does that initial friendship forget about the nondescript bends? Sweet madness of … Continue reading Relationship

Era of Love

When love is being expressed in a contrived manner Eroding all beautiful paths that took the lover to the soul Now, feelings of ambiguity and chosen another way of love Synthetic sentiments drape the body to lure away a heart When flowers have lost their innocence and bloom without aroma Paradise with artificial carpet of grass torments the feet Perpetual summer in the land of love … Continue reading Era of Love

Frail Love

When love is weak, it cannot build an abode Frail will and no deep purpose to lay a foundation Pretence boldly narrated with the masks on Lust is revered and greeted with lot of excitement Nothing displeasures when there is no purpose A soul cannot stay without an abode for long Deprived and neglected in the wayward journey Only a realization that comes too late in life That … Continue reading Frail Love


Disappearance is a miraculous journey Suddenly, the feelings evaporate Transporting the heart to seek in a distant land Where eyes have found new attractions Eagerly willing to journey to a new paradise Heart can be a convincing taskmaster Evoking intense passion for a miraculous disappearance Leaving behind a world that once cared Nurtured many dreams and desires When the mind and heart decides on a destination- … Continue reading Disappearance

Reflective Eyes

Reflective eyes look meditative There’s a stillness which fascinates the observer Sparkling with intense feelings of life A smile that is crafted with the myriad emotions Contemplative moments run deep in Life Heart beats with rhythm which hearkens divine narrations Eyes slant towards the beauty of an inspiring soul In anticipation to hold the profound gaze  Communicate the true intentions of a soul to soul talk In … Continue reading Reflective Eyes

Night’s Eloquence

The night draped in flawless black silk Souls glide their feelings across the wilderness Waiting for the Moon to bathe them In pure illumination of Divine light Nature’s silhouettes decorate the canvas Sometimes brushes the clouds to settle them Tallest branches of trees signal When lovers walk out in elegance Ready to drape in an attire of flawless silk Oriental music whistles through hollow bamboos … Continue reading Night’s Eloquence