Vibrant Love

Once vibrant love Lay withered and frail Between the creases of the heart Trusted, to keep memories alive A memoir for the soul Feelings never wane Aroma of the soul, still fresh Brightens the paradise With every spark of memory Mind is a generous fountain Cascade over beating heart Trying to nurture the love Till the last beat of the heart Bids adieu to special love For … Continue reading Vibrant Love

A Feeling and Commotion

When we do not comprehend a feeling We become obsessed with it and scrutinize Mere superficial curiosity translates to various definitions On the stilts of words a feeling called love travels Navigates through treacherous terrains of complexities A pure feeling is jolted to the core across tumultuous journey None realizes love beyond the physical Till then the commotion with the feeling will persist Love has lost … Continue reading A Feeling and Commotion

Of Eternal Love

True beauty is never spoken of aloud As it radiates from the lover’s eyes A bud that wakes with a gentle touch Unhurried strides across the paradise The lingering aroma follows everywhere Deep within virtue of love adorns the soul The world around fades away for solitude Beauteous hearts surrounded by pure love Sweet conversation engages the hearts forever Every day love will grace the … Continue reading Of Eternal Love

Classical Love

Ink traces the path leading to true love Eloquently flows the feelings, towards a heart Eyes shy away with initial reluctance Only to be mesmerized by the truthful admiration Every line wraps around the lissome beauty Feelings have woven the gorgeous dress Standing there in elegance for the lover to behold Classical feelings become a reality with love An elixir that flows through eternity Paradise … Continue reading Classical Love

Love’s Predicament

Sometimes, love gets caught  In an unnecessary web of lies To create a hologram of paradise Without any foundation Only truth are the fanatical lies There is an unnecessary persistence To subdue a credulous heart Dreaming of living happily for the world Amidst the wreckages of a dream Walking on slippery ground Buoyant by the hope of a revival  Lies make the institution decrepit With … Continue reading Love’s Predicament