When the Moon Descends

When the Moon descends in those eyes Captivating replica, that shines brighter Embellished with astonishing sparkles Moon feels adorned with purity of love Those eyes can make the Moon blush Nimble feet dances like graceful air Stars join the soirée to decorate paradise Flowing mane gleams with ecstatic ripples Wilderness is brightened by elegant soul Night comes alive to transform the fate O’ generous Moon, … Continue reading When the Moon Descends

Love- Untouched by Time

I hold on to the love untouched by Time A truth that was birthed with cosmic radiance Not any Age or contorted thoughts can sully A pure soul predestined to meet the worshipper Sagacious hearts blend into the world of Oneness Love, that divine feeling and existence through eras Timeless, blessed by the fate of eternal continuity Love transcends, to guide the souls through eternity … Continue reading Love- Untouched by Time

All for Love

Let’s transform a feeling For convenience, name it Love Make it more ephemeral Give many definitions Make Love more promiscuous  Contrary to the true essence None asked the Soul Before painting it with colors A feeling resembles a graffiti Whimsical minds, surreal moments Walks in and out of Love Create many escape routes To entrap an innocent feeling In the intricate manipulations Feels trapped and helpless … Continue reading All for Love


When the soul regains consciousness To wake up with the sweet calling of cosmic charmer A new world replicating old world glamour Heart beats with Life that embodies immaculate soul Lifeblood continues the ancient resplendent heritage Souls yearned to bloom again in paradise O’Love, you have waited for so long with hope Now the eternal forces have created an abode To fulfill the promised dreams protected … Continue reading Saudade

A Face among the Crowd

A face among the crowd Looks so familiar, although you’ve never met The eyes sparkling with clarity Exceptional radiance inspires your eyes To hold the attention of the gaze Look through the window to discover another world Innocence does have a strong hold on the heart The crowd around soon starts to blur As you notice the genuine smile Subliminal messages are exchanged to attract … Continue reading A Face among the Crowd