If everything was fire and burning eternally One who sparked those intense flames Exceptional luminosity gave a glimpse of life Misunderstood the ignited consciousness Speaking fire with fire- we charm ourselves Trying to dominate and manipulate  That essence of life lost in rousing uncertainty Eliminating the sheen off edges of horizon Senses unaware of those pure chants of fire Misinterpreting light and warmth in the … Continue reading Fire


Luminescence of the mind decipher once unknown details  Breaking the codes and their barriers to form chain of thoughts Each one of them communicating to maintain a rhythm Immense leap of mind in unknown dimensions of existence Enlightening the dormant seeds for them to germinate abundantly “Marvelous”, utters the heart after witnessing an extravaganza Light is truth travelling uninhibited through cosmic worlds Strengthening the integrity of … Continue reading Light

Shy Luminescence

The night reveals a shy luminescence Painted with the soft brush strokes A scene of ethereal beauty across the canvas The clarity of the silhouette edges is mesmerizing An abstract art evolves from vivid imagination The fervor of the silent night draped in grandeur Trembling with shyness the eternal beauty of night Divine beauty descended from the heavenly abode Intoxicating night’s aroma stirs the euphoric … Continue reading Shy Luminescence