Undisguised Insincerity

Feigned love, failed love, the masked appearances, behind the scenes a scripted chronological deception An exhilarating addiction and euphoria, the quiet hysteria of dark force Orchestrated lust, the trampled trust, like a warfare of counterfeit love; losing a portion of the soul with each crescendo of unhinged emotions All naked, bare emotions, stripped innocence, but a dramatized passion of a struggling soul, the rise of … Continue reading Undisguised Insincerity


Vain selection of time to wait in patience to breed impatience What possesses a soul after the mysterious caress of the night Striving in silence to suppress the tranquility; it’s an orthodox moment So many unwanted thoughts crawl all over like slithering vines Caged by them, but now vanity speaks of a different passion Dreaming of giving an artificial splendour to the crumbly walls While … Continue reading Vanity


Love loses its way through the complicated wandering of a heart adamantine Crouching along the imposing arches and derelict pillars, it’s an unusual predicament Cryptic glances misinterpreted, some weird tales are woven with incendiary sentiments Base concupiscence diminish the soul of love into an apparition with malevolent feelings For, the arches may twist and pierce the crouching spine like a cunning marksman In excess hues, … Continue reading Accursed


Lies are colourful and gregariously enchanting They are malleable and easy to craft into many designs Incredibly fast-paced along brazen alleys of pleasure Lights up the fire with few drops of spirit Insatiable face makes numerous contortions Look at the attractive eyes filled with desirable sparks Sensuality glides with wanton feelings and embraces lies Caresses constricts the heart in serpentine will ~Amitav Continue reading Lies


Shrill and despairing voices stabbed tranquility with sharp jibes The symmetry of peace shatters, hopelessly fragmented Constant tone of defiance arise from the depths of hollow promises Obedient followers systemically brainwashed to utter clichés Loneliness becomes a constant companion affecting the sensory perceptions High-pitched voices are audible- shredding the heart and mind every day Offense becomes the best defense against the speeches of wisdom Nothing … Continue reading Narratives

Actions Speak

False language articulated by deceptive tongue Ambivalent heart has never been unaware of the subtle insinuations Many attempts have been made to scheme a grand plan  Lure the heart to follow devious routes  Aggrandized dreams always arouse the desires of infamy Why curse fate? Weakness reconciles with the Machiavellian plans If not in entirety, some inclination towards avarice made the choice Indulging in and supporting the opulent lies Life … Continue reading Actions Speak

Thousand Years

If it were a journey of thousand years Enough to correct the ways and fewer complaints Or, busyness would keep the mind on edge till nine hundred and ninety-nine Time is such an illusion, never enough and insatiable Detours will lure the heart to unknown alleys  Forgetting to introspect and not allowing the senses to mature Ravenous mind is never settled with less, wishing to exploit … Continue reading Thousand Years


Dominated by the violent ardour Virtues slow down and settle as sediment Reflexes are instigated to act savagely More hunger to feed the rage within Flames consume the Spirit  Shadows fear to hold on for long No clemency for self-destructive behaviour Vehement forces deliver tempestuous souls Carnal desires devour the heart Vehement denial instigated by surrogate feelings Cataclysmic fate lurks in the shadow world© Continue reading Shadowed