Ephemeral Glow

Ephemeral glow from cosmic depths Transforms the feelings of cerulean waters Sprinkled generously with golden glitters Cold silence wakes up to collect them Before dusky vermilion spirit takes over  Weave magical spells across western scenery Last fires will be extinguished after day’s ritual Passing on the light of dark to lunar world Bid adieu to the phenomenon with a deep sigh Muse of the night shall … Continue reading Ephemeral Glow

Night’s Innocence

Eyes dazzle at the first hint of twilight For dreams can be welcomed to settle Between blinks glint of hope is visible Vermilion sky scatters and celebrates Sun mellows and prepares to reminisce Flaming extravaganza enthralls the soul Resplendent orchestra of colorful rhythm Dreams are prepared to express freely Cosmic crescendo and spiritual fervor Waves of dreams reflect through layers Magical colors through divine spectrum Light of … Continue reading Night’s Innocence

Enchanted Forests

Here is a poetry collaboration with Kim She commented on one of my poems and these lines just flowed. Hope you all enjoy reading it. Forests are nurtured from antiquity Stands tall like a fortress guarding the secrets Whispers of wind sound melodious, before they are lost magically Sun and Moon do not find passage The roads are created by instincts A Forests, the final frontiers, … Continue reading Enchanted Forests

A Rain-soaked Day

A rain-soaked day was wilting with excessive monotony Its spirit was luckily regaled by the enthusiastic merrymakers More fun was squeezed out from the day by screaming vagabonds But the day wished reprieve from the incessant downpour Prayers were heard and finally reflected in variegated sky Lo and behold, the day decided to end with a splash of vermilion Soon, the tired and mud-caked feet … Continue reading A Rain-soaked Day

Night Arrives

Night arrives stealthily With glint in its eyes And a beautiful crescent smile The air has a mystical fervor Dancing silhouettes rejoice the beauty Eyes sparkle with eternal joy As night embraces the soul with passion Extravagant display of the galaxies Lighting up the sky with magical glow Shake off the inhibitions, live freedom Inhale the freshness and aroma Open your arms to embrace the world … Continue reading Night Arrives

The Magic of Nature

Landscapes are adorned with melange of colors Displaying the deep-rooted sentiments of a region Yet, nature is interconnected subliminally Changing colors as seasons sprinkle magic Visible exuberance and benevolent spirit are blessings Dazzling the vision with intricate details Regenerating life with the blessing of Immortal mantra Adjusting to the ways of the Sun and the Moon Divine light penetrates the soul of each life to … Continue reading The Magic of Nature

Morning or Night

Be it morning or night A poetic heart loves both The brightness of morn And surreptitious night In the morning- Melody of the wind Beauty of colorful flowers Verdant valleys  In cadence with the mood Night descends In silent anticipation For the luminous heart can seek Magic of night unravels The beauty of stars A ravishing scene to behold Heaven does not discriminate Between morn … Continue reading Morning or Night