Simple Journey

The lure of simplicity, when time is lulled into a deep slumber Oh, the feeling of freshness and greatness of universe to reveal its splendour Fortunate eyes, blessed soul, and bosom full of happy feelings No platitudes and prejudices; only pure realisation of a dream forgotten Somewhere, in disdain, triviality, and disregard for the love of simple emotions While raving about the garrulousness and meekness … Continue reading Simple Journey

Isle of Love

The soft murmurs of love Audible to the eager hearts Love flows around the isle Where two lovers reside Away from speculations Night skies shine brighter Luminous constellations Echoes the lover’s sentiments Soul shapes fortunes Bathing in love’s opulence There are no worries When two hearts harmonize This blessed isle Is the ultimate paradise Richness of simplicity Where two souls rejoice In love’s magnanimity© Continue reading Isle of Love

A Moment in Life

There is one moment in life When everything falls into perspective A moment of epiphany The walls disappear between the compartments Always living according to life’s various labels Stay defined or be damned Restricting the magnanimity and purpose of life There will always come a moment The soul will realize and awaken to a purpose Life is much superior, to what we have fathomed Silent … Continue reading A Moment in Life