Fate of Emotions

Predatory words took away the best emotions  During some unfanciful moments that allowed them in The sanctified world of a soul’s reverie Malicious eyes already put them in a vile hypnotic state Abandoned reasons along the way Losing faith in the emotions that nurtured the heart  In troubled times, when the world becomes uncaring Cajoled by the ferocity; masked in some otherworldly charm Misguiding the … Continue reading Fate of Emotions


If trust is designed by the not so trustworthy Mislaid arrangements are adorned with common motifs Perpetual mistrust, as the perceptions are askew Calcified thoughts suffer in silence; the mind feels heavy From the explanations of an irreverent designer Emotions take a devious turn across misleading labyrinths It’s an ancient fallacy and walls bear some chilling chronicles Melancholic tones reverberate through the bones The calcified … Continue reading Discordant

Fate of Narratives

Take out a handful of words from the narrative Separate them from the rest and jumble the remaining few that are clueless Scant feelings for either of them As the mind lords over the distortions and chaos that follow Creating something trivial takes effort too, but creating an everlasting story is much more difficult One need not evoke the omniscient consciousness to do such karma … Continue reading Fate of Narratives

A Delusion

It’s a monologue with a delusional world  Convinced, that you are being heard in this utter chaos Affectionate words are repelled like water off a duck’s back Malevolent times cannot be benevolent Tryst with the smudged feelings dripping off the grey canvas Sanctity of words are desecrated by miscreants Sneaking into life with the intention to plunder Adrift, the echoes reach a crescendo Oceans restless … Continue reading A Delusion


Vindictive love dreams of a different constellation  Walks tiptoed across the branches frail and wily Mesmerising eyes hold secrets vaulted through ages The hollow corridors and emotions echo such stories Etched on the pillars names forgotten by time Dawn seems to be night; of nebulous feelings painted So many stars and untimely obscurity spell sorcery  All that love is, being obliterated by such feelings Heart … Continue reading Obscurity


Slowly the phantasmagoria intensely apprehends consciousness Veiled words carry paradoxical meanings that create permanent delusion Enchanters playfully acquire control over psyche to manipulate at will Malicious eyes keep constant watch as charmers create a labyrinth of lies Life resembles an unconscious merry-go-round spinning viciously Rearranging the consciousness and subduing for coercive measures Revealing a new plot of life riddled with strife, pain, and weaknesses Purity of … Continue reading Mirage

Resigned Silence

The brazenness of the stoic silence Weighed under the burden of conformity For silence has transformed into poison Impaling the soul with every corrosive drop The numbness is palpable in the mind Heart has no reason to resuscitate itself Claiming superiority is no heroic deed There is nobility in death rather than be insecure Living within the confines of distortions Culpability in being cahoots with … Continue reading Resigned Silence