If we could really see How many can really see through the barriers? Only the loudest colours appeal to the eyes There is that trembling within Warning of the misguided brightness Painted over all the lies and misdemeanours Time corrodes the surfaces It takes patience to see the misfortune Over which the dreams were resting How many pause to see even that? Repugnance on faces … Continue reading Unseen


Paroxysms translate the restlessness, and peace is not pleasurable Painful it may occur, but there are numerous instances of broken promises Deliberate actions contrary to the soft-spoken assurances, but lies evolve Again and again, because furious feelings are unsettling, extremely melancholic Manic winds pass through the wretched and wrecked environments Lifeless, harsh, and devastatingly greedy to demolish the scarce abundance Depleted landscapes, brittle trees, poisoned … Continue reading Deprived

Choosing a Way

Is it only a faint faith in life that can give clarity? Placing yourself in the most difficult turns to a blurry road While you cannot stand sincere criticism Surrendering to the untruthful stories; a greater manipulation You assume life to be only that is being whispered Senses lured by the guile of a misdirected crowd Fear of standing alone, seeking peacefully- not fearless enough … Continue reading Choosing a Way

Postmodern Consciousness

A thoughtful and manipulative representation Projection of reality sow the seeds of believability Simulating a world which erodes any other possibilities Model code of conduct as indoctrinated to mass consciousness Now we rarely try to find the path back to fundamental reality As it has lost its relevance and existence from sphere of influence Now dominated and dictated by the selective portrayal of reality Travelers … Continue reading Postmodern Consciousness

Slippery Fortunes

Don’t blame the slippery fortunes Where dreams slew away to obscurity All the conscious efforts to manipulate Taking the sheen away from the conscious mind Luring away the heart towards an askew path Throwing away the wealth of life in bogs Struggling with the disparaging reality Life slips away, mocking at the entire fiasco Sauntering away from the days of innocence and truth A lost … Continue reading Slippery Fortunes