The Heart

The heart that feels real Strong muscles vibrant with life Every beat resonates with truth Enthusiastic flow of a red stream Pure life, enthused with dreams Sending pure sensation everywhere Stimulating the mind to meditate Mantra of life Reverberate through hallowed chambers Divine rhythm of the heartbeat Echoes the purpose of existence Heart holds with gratitude, this Life Revered custodian of Holy Spirit© Continue reading The Heart

Revelation of the Morning

Morning walks meditatively in crimson attire With every step, the robe reflects a lighter shade Settling for spiritual orange, reverberating Divine mantra Sun has a calm demeanor, showing gratitude For being bestowed with immense energy and power To illuminate the entire paradise and give hope to Life Magnanimity is the essence of cosmic powers Deeply blessing even the smallest of life here Pure passion to … Continue reading Revelation of the Morning

Life in Entirety

When you embrace the entire universe And evoke the positive forces to congregate Life becomes a limitless journey of consciousness When you realize the cycle of eternal energy Your life will reflect the entirety and fulfillment When thoughts transcend across every horizon Illumination and darkness reveal the meaning The bell tolls in unison at the monastery of life With the same rhythm and resonance of … Continue reading Life in Entirety

With Nature’s Tranquility

When you resonate With nature’s tranquility Patience is the mantra Flows for eons Many transformations Through different ages Nothing is permanent Change is eternal truth Adapt with the stillness Instill patience in the soul Be rooted in the truth As they branch out deeper Traversing new ground Reaching new territories Age is just a makeover Prepare for new life Death is a new beginning Roots … Continue reading With Nature’s Tranquility