What Plays Behind

Who plays behind the masks, betrays the guesses Abundant reasons to convince the well-meaning heart Swabbing the patience away- exposing unfortunate truths Content with weeping and looking at life’s melancholic hues Shall be convinced, but the discontented feeling stays For whom shall you feel, listen, and care about the next day Only you will be there listening to a voice sane… it’s painful Those who … Continue reading What Plays Behind

Scary Perceptions

Bare faces considered to be rude What about the expensive masks that denude the truth Sometimes the masks’ tasks the principles Feelings are rehearsed; contributes to the chaos Mirrors cower while reflecting the masked faces How do children recognise true faces? Stern faces harnessing their dreams and enthusiasm The entire world shrinks after being castigated Incoherent ties with the earth are disastrous What does the … Continue reading Scary Perceptions

Words of Falsehood

Those who stand by their promise of delivering the lies Weaves a mask every day with the convincing fibs Parched wound and the wrapped gauze still fresh memories Lies weren’t the sponge that could absorb hurt None can drink from a chasm; an agony of unknown depths Masks cannot mask lies but shorten the lifespan of truth By exposing the vituperative languages and their intentions … Continue reading Words of Falsehood

Mask Reflections

The mask burdened with perceptions Of which, there are plenty It is tricky to change profiles selectively There is clarity of course When there is ambiguity in mannerisms Makeovers superficial, flaky characters Try to manipulate the entire narrative It is amateurish coordination Faces try to keep pace with machinations Numb heart locked within Faltering steps duel on slippery floors Reflections off oblique inclinations Bleak smile … Continue reading Mask Reflections

Dwelling on Uncertainties

Colour of walls transform according to the prevailing sentiments Shut doors imprison them till they squabble and find answers Changing masks from the choices that are displayed by mirrors Languishing phones do not stir due to lack of messages from the world House becomes busy clicking pictures of every possible mood  Framed reminders in every room as the inhabitants ponder Trying to get hold of … Continue reading Dwelling on Uncertainties

Crowded Thoughts

Chaff dialogues are replacing the old-fashioned amiability Now it is the privilege of delivering speeches of vacuous senses The multitude is diverted towards the source of solitude An uneven blend experiences a surge of unnatural feelings Masquerading through the meandering avenues of fluent lies Adopting a personality and carving suitable masks Egotists delight shivers the soul of darkness with deviant euphoria At the intersection of … Continue reading Crowded Thoughts

Truthful Journey

Masks are becoming vulnerable Peeling off easily to expose the truth Honesty relentlessly weakened their roots Waiting for the dishevelled characters to be exposed Thriving underbelly of existence altered reality Making heroes out of barbarians Ruffians stroll with equanimity carrying sinister plans Glorified reflections appear to be frayed Wisdom is perceived to be a mega jangle  Unsettling and sweeping off the uprooted ones Worrying, those gullible … Continue reading Truthful Journey

Face to Face

Real intentions hide behind masks Contours of malaise etched with symbolic colors Ruthless silence gleans from the soul of life The vibrant and mesmerizing aroma of happiness Lowly desires strangulate the sweet essence Cauterized skin bears signs of worldly wounds Malafide intentions weaken relations Amassed woes bury the intense feelings Every day, pinch of death numbs the mind Alas! Accomplishments are asymmetrical Afflictions of the … Continue reading Face to Face

Love and Despair

Love is vulnerable when it hides behind a façade and masquerades in a world filled with doubts and delusions. Somewhere, hidden between the layers of expectations, love transforms into a word. The emotions and feelings of the soul are diluted and become adulterated. It’s never the tranquil and sublime flow of pure consciousness between two awakened souls, anymore. There occurs turbulence and waves of discontent that … Continue reading Love and Despair