How It Unfolds

Make them so weak, they become extremely violent! Most of the opinions are unjustifiable, and actions take place after the consent from suspicious sources. Surviving on the spurious thoughts is not a dream anymore; an existential norm. The impunity with which misdirected minds are attracted to fatal thoughts unsettles the individual, as well as, the entire ecosystem of existence. Once a doubtful entrant, the expanding … Continue reading How It Unfolds

The Possible Distractions

After all the ages have rushed past, the experiences and misadventures, you still cannot navigate the mind’s landscape, because you do not know the path well. Never conscious of the expanding reality, the essence to feel is taken away by hyperexcitation about the external distractions from the not so able minds. They come up with the most divisive and discriminatory ideologies to weaken the relationship … Continue reading The Possible Distractions

Of Empowerment

Empowerment is a word that sits enigmatically between the dictionary pages. The mystery surrounding this word (empowerment) and the continuous apathy of humanity towards building a positive culture have failed miserably. Weakness is a human trait; it becomes ferociously pronounced when it comes to presenting power to someone. Power is a sensitive word that is stifled in the clenched fists of a coward. Mention of … Continue reading Of Empowerment


Celebration of reprehensible ideas Idolised and painted with gilded glamour Only, the sheen is too fragile and excruciating Shattered images narrates ignominious tales Fragmented pieces of life still seems alluring Superficiality slides off easily with eccentricities Vacuous hearts unworthy of trust Scheming glint in the eyes reflect a plan Perplexed hearts articulate soulless speeches Counterfeit nobility wears off soon© Continue reading Perfidious

Convincing Scripts

Counterfeit characters perfectly suited in finery Measured to perfection to accentuate the body into work of Art Of exaggerated desires and emotions touching the contours  Silhouettes transformed into individuals for a convincing role-play Scripted dialogues, thoroughly rehearsed for perfect pitch and modulation Under the spotlight, light fills the body with different frequency Emitting vibrations of an alluring type to seduce the audience Aura of pretence becomes … Continue reading Convincing Scripts

Journey and Distractions

Everyone became busy with the distractions With shut eyes, they followed a voice that lured the heart For they wished to stretch fate towards comparisons Affected by ennui, life is swept away by the waves Sleepers induced with common dreams, expunging reality Expressionless faces greet with a contrived smile Living in arid islands, the soulless directives keep control Inconsistency is the new rhythm that prompts them … Continue reading Journey and Distractions


Relinquish the languages Stay away from the translations Do not consider the various reasoning Logic that sprung enthusiastically From overworked minds, out of boredom Put away the cloak of usual life Mundane designs in brocade To make them appealing to the eyes Emulating the masses is exhausting Learning the exact ways to communicate Similar views never clash Meekly blend into the life’s cauldron Slowly brewing … Continue reading Relinquish

As the Eyes See

The eyes have become adept At viewing things collectively Often missing the finer designs of life Consciousness muddled with imageries Drafted with a plan to confuse Engineered to narrow the field of vision Conceptual structures on abstract foundations There is no way to know the legitimacy As rubble they will lay in heaps Where old desires are abdicated  New biases will be construed Cutting across like … Continue reading As the Eyes See