Unfolding Turmoil

Unfolding from the didactic discourses Dialectical and delusional approaches with stern eyes What’s birthed is beyond the imagination of life Souls nurtured with acrimony; the decimation of senses Chances of survival under the forensic eyes are slim Shouting tyrants can become the greatest joke Ears have been used to the dirtiest language possible To dehumanise; thus, delineates the purpose  Mightiest minions inflated with volatile sentiments … Continue reading Unfolding Turmoil

Inimical Time

Broken lights and scattered emotions Both touch the dusty lands; fading time Display fate, being cradled in darkness Love disappears hurriedly, there’s mayhem In the lonely corridors; furrowed anger Written evidence of undesired foibles Love, misunderstood and used as a ploy Emphasised syllables are not in sync Broken sentiments echo unrhythmically The silenced spirit screams in a hollow Mournful waves threaten to wipe off life … Continue reading Inimical Time

Lost Trails

The lines end abruptly Sacrificed emotions smeared in burnt brown Words forced to be at the pyre Parched papers not succulent anymore Eyes have drifted to contemporary busyness A lacquered pen has lost its fierce creativity Fallen off the curled edges of agony Smouldering heart seeks solace in anonymity Vast verses will be composed Entire universe will be accommodated Walk between the lines  To discover … Continue reading Lost Trails


Crying foul over those creations adhering to ostentatious mistakes Baffling designs emerge from depths shoveled with bare rugged thoughts Flayed with enough dystopian ideas over unhealed lacerations Slowly the grim river overflows with an unholy ambition carried in earnest Distant shores become a platform of unfolding melodrama of fake sentiments Dimensions of raging uncertainties taint the furrows of original thoughts Green waters reeking of distasteful … Continue reading Abhorrent

The Intellect

The intellect sharpened against grit stones Lethal transformation and glint of menace Avenging years of silence with unreasonable beliefs Severing ties with true knowledge of hermits Who have been banished to dwell among mountains To drink from the streams and meditate in silence Here, mayhem by the lethal intellect continues To capitalize on the capital of human labor Wiry sinews strained from the rapid lifestyles … Continue reading The Intellect

The Fiends

The demons you create To unleash hate and harm A distortion of the mind Reflection of sinister thoughts Unaware of the perils The demon’s unpredictability Quietly gnawing away The soul of the master Demons can’t be tamed It will replicate manifold To unleash mayhem The idea of annihilating Unaware and lovely souls It’s a megalomaniac distortion Means to destroy peace Destroys your existence For the … Continue reading The Fiends