Missing Metaphors

Who owns time, take the responsibility of winding them, set them right, straightening time, or looping it around another epoch Only if that would be enough to take the conversations to a different direction, as if cosmic time giving a pulsating push to the consciousness Sullied gardens, ruined paths, detrimental languages and evaporating water-bodies, thirsty souls taking dangerous detours The Sun shines, but it’s fury … Continue reading Missing Metaphors


If liberation be found in the descent, in the cradle of an unknownFrom the precipice, looking at the horizon, reading the cryptic signsReflections bend, disappear, appear again to dazzle the mindNo hand would reach there, no daring souls eitherThis journey will be a safe embrace and then an eternal cradleWaiting for the skies to crack to reflect a world in anxious existenceEverything is reversed, time … Continue reading Liberated

Withered Spaces

Folded spaces, the feelings abbreviated and laid down to sleep Yes, there is silence now, for a brief moment it feels peaceful Slowly there is a hint of remorse from the cavernous world Solitary soul trying to straighten the ravaged moments Unfamiliar grounds, the uncaring touch like an ominous shadow Slumped emotions, still there, between reality and illusion First signs of decay; the glorious days … Continue reading Withered Spaces

The Individual Dreams

The individuality shines brighter amidst anachronistic expectations Rhapsodic dreams in wakeful moments with brilliant visions of life Definitions stare at failures and a strict dilemma of their proposed plans A world ecstatic about mediocrity- alienating the primordial sentiments What kind of dreams can transform into objects of disparity and chaos All that resides within cannot be purged out; this is anti-cathartic Standing alone, enveloped in … Continue reading The Individual Dreams

The Disorder

The disturbances in the symphonic feelings Trying to restrain the soul from realising a worthwhile tune Not of the selfless pleasures of life, the simple happiness Only thinking about everyone else’s perceptions Stripped of the honest soul’s meanings, they are not your own Wrecked by the heavy words, the adamant sinking In the deep recesses of melancholy- feeble voices worry What are the chances of … Continue reading The Disorder

Ideas of Love

Difficult to accommodate love in shrinking places Its nature so authentically transformed with some ideas Injustice, for love to stand trial and face eccentricities Believing the metaphors not enough True nature eludes human heart Hope, dreams transcend those barriers of definitions Amidst frantic approximations and false perceptibility Heaps of undeserved praises from untruthful tongue ~Amitav Continue reading Ideas of Love

Not only for the Words- Sentiments Beyond

Even before the words start reciting The eyes take that inefficient leap  Confident of overcoming the gap But, there are prolific narratives Series of unexpected surprises Overt creativity and metaphorical geniuses Steps of worldly rhythm incompatible Supposed nonsense with much emphasis Holed up soul in abject condition Given precedence to solitariness Oh! That blockhead Haven’t seen the glitzy world Probably, writing an epitaph What an … Continue reading Not only for the Words- Sentiments Beyond

Frail Meanings

Lost efforts of lengthy explanations, blurry trails of words  Ineffective and incomprehensible ramblings creates an unnecessary flurry Feverish heart complain about lack of clarity, yet, there is urge to articulate Standing on a decrepit deck to test the tenacity against an undercurrent Unknown and purposeless foundation with decaying wood  Barely withstands the flow after compromising with unfriendly tides Grey mists obscure the vision of far off lands, familiar … Continue reading Frail Meanings

Brevity and Meaning

Let not the brevity of verses deceive you Words encompass the consciousness and beyond It’s supra-intelligence that dawn over a new world of knowledge Where the firmament bends to surrender into the ocean Looking at the horizon for an extravagant world to awaken  It’s the union of multitude of senses in waves of rhythmic flow Mind inclines towards the realms of ultimate comprehension When the … Continue reading Brevity and Meaning