New Journey

The mouth is oblivious to the bitter taste of stifling feelings When exhaled unmindfully with every breath or a sigh Hairs are brushed aside to allow eyes to look beyond the mesh Slowly biting the tongue to hold back those euphemisms  Stoic silence gives way to a more assured look in the eyes Mind guides the feet to walk away from obligation of prejudices Subtle … Continue reading New Journey

In Depths

Searching for unfathomable depths between the lines Allowing me to linger across the fluid space to test my imagination Verses overflowing with feelings as they flow eagerly to this confluence Soaking in the idleness in earnest to perceive an unknown world Faint lights that filter through waves of sentiments illumine dark spaces Poetical extravaganza foretells the opulence found in rare depths Affluence of creativity will … Continue reading In Depths


Noise is inessential, for it’s a hindrance to creativity and creative souls A mind has enough to ponder on the surprises of unknown world  With anonymity, through the tunnel of silence the soul journeys A desire to seek, when curiosity is not enough to satiate the mind Everything becomes inconsequential; worldly experiences and diversions It’s a challenge to emerge unscathed from the myriad distractions Vociferous … Continue reading Creativity

Thoughtful Artistry

Carving out life Every day Chiseling away Busy artisans Creating a world Inspired by Beautiful thoughts And emotions Where brinkmanship Rules over Inadvertent sufferers Flailing hopes Deep paranoia It’s a Herculean task To maintain sanity Striving harder To be more creative And enhancing The beauty of Life Artistry and craftsmanship Will uphold The sanctity of life It’s no mean feat To give hope And breathe … Continue reading Thoughtful Artistry