Rogue Words

Whispering words Tired words Struggling words Uncanny words Tragic words Condemning words Redacted words Where in the word is any space left for curing it? Diminishing chances, fading hope Scope to build on hubris Yes, accumulating debris The glitch in the minds Trying to overpower the space Constellations to be rewritten Fate repositioned Again, the words are not enough But the free will to desecrate … Continue reading Rogue Words

Valiant Denial

With unholy eagerness, the words were gathered Their origin and values misconstrued due to a dearth of time Harrowingly pulled to be presented under the limelight  When it becomes natural to please the rapacious demands Indulgence in the superficial composition is a secret joy Charming they may read due to the heavy adornments Those you cannot love dearly but eager to release them soon Youthful … Continue reading Valiant Denial


The world is crumpled enough It’s difficult reading the silence from choked feelings An unwelcome transformation of the insignificance  This silence isn’t neutral- indignant and chants insolence Words inflamed while being stripped of meanings The uncomfortably folded sentiments  Being scolded by the inherently affected minds Naked words haunt the pristine feelings every day Pages leaden with incriminating notes  There is no chance of turning over … Continue reading Vacuity

Silent Eyes

Silent eyes narrate the day’s monotony Tries to stretch and squint and catch glimpses of activity Alas! The crowd is chanting a boring hum Carrying numerous flawed inferences to design a pattern Trying to articulate a ho-hum speech  Incessant babel cascade from mindless conversations Day is perturbed listening to anxious souls Contrived smiles are stretched beyond limits, almost a caricature Silent eyes stops gazing through … Continue reading Silent Eyes


Venerable feelings deflect off a dormant heart There is an obstinate silence reverberating in the chasm A space filled with boundless indiscretions   In desolation there is an endless churning of emotions Even the oasis transforms into a mirage Parched heart bereft of the pleasure to satiate agonising thirst Impassive eyes are resuscitated briefly with lust Seduces the gullible feelings that overflow with melancholy The hunger … Continue reading Directionless