Death of Metaphors

Not a pinch of remorse over the death of metaphors They are buried and forgotten somewhere in the past In an unknown land where they once flourished Given a new meaning with the venerable ink Those who spoke frankly of the feelings- happiness and sorrows When souls ran deeper into the heart of life Looking for meaning in triumph and misfortunes Return every day to … Continue reading Death of Metaphors

Objectives of Words

When you treat ‘Words’ as objects, you fail to comprehend the meaning (s) they carry. The inertness of perception popularizes ‘Imitation’ of the most prevalent notions of that time. Unfortunately, literature has to face such adverse situations when there is a lack of fair understanding and hesitant behavior towards knowledge and creativity. The quality of literature is a reflection of society.  ~Amitav Continue reading Objectives of Words

Ecstasy of Thoughts

A thought injects the mind with chaos The voices cannot be silenced so easily You have no choice but to listen carefully Like the dancing euphoric words in waves It is psychoanalysis of original thoughts Never have anyone been introduced to The mind consciously juggles myriad ideas Each has their merit and dynamism A mind is in a state of upheaval in ecstasy Encouraging the … Continue reading Ecstasy of Thoughts

Writer’s Words

The writer’s words Are read many times Being deciphered The feelings and emotions Behind the words Yet, the writer’s heart Is always searching alone In anonymity, for meaning Trying to live The true essence of life Writer is alone In this pursuit Where words find acceptance And the world rejoices Finding joie de vivre From the nonchalant adventurer Who narrates intriguing tales The heart and … Continue reading Writer’s Words


Words once birthed From the labored thoughts To express the once unspoken Adopted by so many To give a meaning of their own Words see so many facets Of our inner feelings Into the realm of eternity Before silence takes over We shall rely on our words Weighing every word carefully They become our extension We shall fall silent one day But the words shall … Continue reading Words