More Than Curiosity

Opaque reality, sitting here, trying to rein the unwanted distractions Silence and stillness is all I pray for; goodbye time I cleaned the hazy windows, drowned myself in clear water Feels fresh, even the night looks brighter, faint, pure light of transparency Now, the connections, with reality, the forgotten truth I found a comfortable position, my mind simply comprehending, unhurried The universe has a fragrance, … Continue reading More Than Curiosity

The Amulet

The touch of brilliance sears the dull appearances of truant nature Like an amulet wounds itself to protect it from the malevolent desires Revered sire watches in silence from the heavenly abode Worldly possessions are frail, and fade away from repeated dispute The saviour! An amulet that shines from the eternity’s radiance Torments of indulgence along with vagaries of untrustworthy expressions From daily apprehensions arise … Continue reading The Amulet

Infinite Dreams

You cannot stay for long if you are not perceptive Difficult to swim through the transient tapestry There will be moments when the soul slips away Could be swept away by strong currents of lasciviousness Foresight helps the feet to be grounded in nothingness There is the eternal void a strong soul can survive Composition of life with the granular consciousness Rough edges are calmed … Continue reading Infinite Dreams

Languorous Day

Amidst a languorous day, the heart chooses to be in a fetal position Deep contemplations of the meditative body- though, mind has license to wander  Through prismatic vision; not an anomaly of focus, but flares of consciousness Divine wavelengths rush through the cosmic filter to fill the world with abundance In nature’s womb, visionary ideas are modified immaculately for beneficial future Intricate designs are modelled by … Continue reading Languorous Day


Each blossom awakens consciousness Unfolding of spiritual equilibrium Listen to the silent joyousness  Petals narrate the designs of patience Divine symmetry enthrals vision Eyes sparkle as colours of cosmos emanate A psychic experience with every blossom Mother Nature’s love overflows eternally Silent prayer carried with the aromas Manifestation of pure truth  Holding a flower is experiencing eternity© Continue reading Blossoms

Wind- The Messenger

I conspired with the wind  To give away all my worries The wind will carry them to the mountains Sprinkle them across the landscape Landlocked valley will hold them But the echoes became louder Trying to communicate with my emptiness Now that worries are gone Held captive by Nature Wind, the messenger narrated “They were never worries” I knew not much about life An eternal … Continue reading Wind- The Messenger

Evening Monologue

The breeze is shy and reticent Not spirited enough to usher merriness Only feeble quivering of the leaves There’s an undertone of resentment One of those morose evenings When nature withdraws into silence Here I am, indulging in a monologue Trying to inspire the drooping Spirit There are occasional acknowledgements With the sudden murmur of leaves Swaying branches do nod at me But I shall … Continue reading Evening Monologue