Acquiring Silence

Turning away from the haste, the hate, stopping the clocks and becoming impervious to the ridicule Claiming my space, sanctity of darkness, when I longer fear the silence, for midnight calls with a different tune What I wasted in the rush, my dreams became a blur, I could not recognize the environment Tiring to wake up to the noise, misdirecred by the massive push towards … Continue reading Acquiring Silence

Divine Stillness

The stopover! Pulled away briefly from the interconnected motions It feels as if time is revealing itself in a new avatar Eternity endures everything, encourages escape to a surreal earth Eyes capture the reflections of an awe-inspiring celestial transformation Shuffles reality in a magical makeover; now winter holds the secret The sanctified mind perceives the future blooming along a new horizon When being lonely is … Continue reading Divine Stillness


Trapped in shadows, the feeble winter sun gives that feeling of aloofness Heart is willing to daydream about the charismatic season and calmly observe The winter’s slumber and delicate images across the idling moments It seems, time necessarily decides to slacken the pace to alleviate the pain Another dimension comes into existence and witnessed by mortal eyes Everything that feels trapped now is thoughtfully embraced … Continue reading Pause

The Celestial Earth

Alienated earthy feelings Pensive dawn and unrepentant night Child of earth feels the soil Recognises the celestial relation From oceanic reality to pinnacle of eternity Eyes recognize life in new avatar With the flow but in control The spiral strands reveal the truth Elements become friendly Senses awakened to new reality No unnecessary karma Novelty of breathing in freedom Without realising shapes It’s the beauty … Continue reading The Celestial Earth

Unusual Slumber

Curled up, the inexplicable curvature for the world to fathom Maybe praying in solitude and trying to embrace the indecipherable silence No scruples turning away from the moments that wish to hasten Libellers cry hoarse, ‘the insignificant lethargic one sits there idle’ Is it amoral to remain silent amidst the accusations? Or, allow the silence around to absorb the cacophony into oblivion Laziness is ridiculed, … Continue reading Unusual Slumber