Closed Chapters

Closed chapters beckon, to be read once more Stoic words with abundant feelings look pallid Instead, the background changed to dreary yellow Folded edges turn inward to gain some insight Missing the freshness of heydey dreams Some of the memories do carry old aromas Staying relevant between closed covers is tiring Without any hope, caught between heart and mind Lines recite frail feelings in a morose … Continue reading Closed Chapters

Exchanging Notes

While exchanging notes with life There were many lines that were struck off With a bold line across the fallacious thoughts Life does not recognize the clichés and jargons So many lines were relegated to oblivion  Clarity of thoughts requires no elaborate explanation It’s not judicious to expend ink for unworthy thoughts Surround the mind with degenerative ideas Inspire the mind with positive reflections on life Wield the pen … Continue reading Exchanging Notes

Morning Revelation

Mornings are a revelation Soul wakes up with hope Wishing the dreams to be true Nights are time to contemplate Introspection in silence Waiting for the first rays of morning Hope keeps the dreams alive In the confluence of darkness and light Your heart will find the blend of life An awakened soul is consciousness Mornings will be revelation A new beginning and new saga … Continue reading Morning Revelation

The Poetic Mind

Ever contemplated To give the mind a reprieve From the continuous thoughts This poetic mind Will have no other reason To welcome the beautiful thoughts In the save haven of subconscious Dreams of the world unknown Concoctions of myriad feelings Every day, the words just flow Vortex of creative ideologies Pulls the poet toward it Only to be lost in the whirlwind ideas Coming out … Continue reading The Poetic Mind

Life’s Stream of Consciousness

Steady stream of consciousness My breathing is in my control I inhale the real freedom to the core My consciousness expands every moment Life reveals itself in true form In complete control of my emotions I have relinquished minuscule thoughts Comparisons are not my forte As I realize that I am me, complete An individual walking on this earth I feel more connected to the … Continue reading Life’s Stream of Consciousness