Not happy with the narrative There is propensity to trivialize Epic moments can be silent None of the usual heroics Daily struggles and their memoirs Adding pages after pages Chronicles of a life struggling With the parallel narrations Derailing the continuity Thoughts come to a halt Silence and unsure times Increases the pace of heartbeat The World waits for a decision Seeking hurried compensation For … Continue reading Atonement

The Interpretations

Emotions are attracted to the blank pages A subliminal communication with a trustworthy space Where words can communicate real feelings Overflowing ink shall essay soulful narratives Holding the pen is a sublime feeling Interactions in the mind wishes to live through memoirs The pen is guided by natural instincts of an expressive heart Feelings can be recited after resting between the covers Waking up the … Continue reading The Interpretations

Flawed Memoirs

The mind has been contemplating the bourgeois thoughts Confabulations of acquired consciousness and subliminal world Novices have inherited from the overheard conversations Flawed tastes lure the tongue towards acerbic and impotent desires Life has a simple spelling but explanations carry complicated meanings Grammar of existence was composed by the Divine consciousness Now, the concept of Time is in a knot and gasping for release Plenty … Continue reading Flawed Memoirs

Life’s Book

One wouldn’t want to hold a book too heavy With the collected belongings which are useless Clink-clank of the rusted thoughts and experiences A book too wound up with the unnecessary covers Almost enjoying the dark corners of the shelf The dog-eared pages reveal more unsavory truths Volatile past is evident from the old-book smell The book of life with pages turned musty yellow Book … Continue reading Life’s Book

Between Blank Pages

Filling the blank pages with words When feelings become too heavy to bear Delving deeper into the flowing catharsis Willingly the writer will not rest till finished Writing another chapter in the memoirs Filling the pages with latent desires One who feels from the heart and soul Emotions and feelings are constant companions Blank pages are the only canvas for a writer Eulogizing even the … Continue reading Between Blank Pages

Ancient Walls

When these walls are stripped of their past glory history emerges from the cracks, to narrate a conflicting story. They are a testimony to the struggles of so many masons toiling day and night, to lay the foundation. Their lives are trapped between the layers of stones. Once considered marvelous work of Art, the walls which protected the prosperity and grandeur, now reflect abject stories … Continue reading Ancient Walls

Just Write

Write obsessively Fill pages after pages Scribble through the night Be the first to welcome dawn Your tryst with reality As a writer Let your mind wander To the farthest land Memoirs from history And visualized future Fill the empty coffers With precious words You are a raconteur Write till the last breath Add numerous memoirs In your vault Distribute them generously For everyone to … Continue reading Just Write