The Message

It is scary to think that during inertia the facade clears away to reveal a more tantalising time of energetic scampering through an indecisive path. You are presented with an envelope carrying a secret message. Whether you tear it open or open with indifference, does not affect its nature. You can gaze at this time quizzically or palpitatingly and wait for it to respond in … Continue reading The Message

The Voices

Voices, sans feelings, are only insignificant sounds Difficult to comprehend the frequency and intent There’s ambiguity and does not appeal to the ears Voices without any purpose, vanish without a trace Try to modulate the utterances and emphasize on feelings Consult the mind, heart, and soul for some inspiration Allow voices to be more dynamic for it can awaken a mind And prompts the senses … Continue reading The Voices

Treasured Thoughts

Trying to reason with unsettled thoughts They have been creating a ruckus in the head Vying for attention, they all try to rush in Looking for leisure to listen to them attentively Rendezvous with thoughts opens up a new world Each representing world within worlds  Brilliant ambassadors conveying new perspectives They are all welcomed with utmost humility Every conversation is like talking to the Universe … Continue reading Treasured Thoughts

Dedicated to Writers

The soul of any writing should be illuminating to reflect the authority and uniqueness of a writer’s truthful creative pursuits.  ~Amitav A writer must strive to enhance literature and be a worthy proponent of the rich legacy of timeless classic literature. Anyone who is into writing and is interested in literature would know that the greatest of writers fought hard to find recognition and space in … Continue reading Dedicated to Writers

Every Moment

Every moment, lines are written in cryptic language Communicating with the subliminal world to convey a message In-between time, there are moments of epoch change Past recedes to a distant land and retire among the memories Familiar words and moments effaced from the consciousness Supernal lights illuminate the soul with new realization Time to fathom the subtle, yet, life changing course ahead Enter the realm … Continue reading Every Moment